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RESO Membership

RESO provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards. Our member organizations include MLSs, brokerages, REALTOR® associations and technology partners serving more than one million real estate professionals.

RESO standards create efficiency: faster software development and integrations, scalable tools that cross marketplaces, and more accurate, robust, and informative data.

Welcome to RESO: CEO Sam DeBord

RESO has six membership classes based upon the types of member organizations. There are significant benefits for the many different classes of RESO member organizations.

You should pick the membership category and tier within that category that best represents your organization’s primary business model. Note that all membership category selections are subject to RESO approval.


Dues for RESO membership are based either on the revenue or the number of subscribers to an organization, as outlined below. Membership terms match the calendar year with dues billed for one full year then will be up for renewal the following year.

RESO Membership Classes

Class A – The National Association of REALTORS®


Class B – Technology Companies, Developers, Partners & Consultants

Technology companies, developers, partners, consultants, or companies providing services to the real estate industry are eligible for Class B membership. Dues for Class B membership are based upon gross annual revenue as listed in the ranges below. Revenue is self-reported and subject to verification if requested. | APPLY FOR CLASS B MEMBERSHIP

Revenue Dues Amount
$25,000,000+ $25,000
$10,000,000-$24,999,999 $15,000
$5,000,000-$9,999,999 $7,500
$1,000,000-$4,999,999 $2,500
$0-$999,999 $500

Class C – Multiple Listing Services and REALTOR® Associations

REALTOR® associations and Multiple Listing Services are eligible for Class C membership. Dues for Class C membership are based upon subscriber (licensee) totals as shown in the range below. | APPLY FOR CLASS C MEMBERSHIP

Members Dues Amount
50,000+ $25,000
37,500-49,999 $17,500
25,000-37,499 $15,000
17,500-24,999 $10,000
10,000-17,499 $7,500
5,000-9,999 $5,000
2,000-4,999 $2,500
500-1,999 $500
1-499 $250

Class D – Real Estate Brokerages, Brokers, Agents & Appraisers

Real estate brokerages, brokers, agents, and appraisers are eligible for Class D membership. Dues for Class D membership are based on the greater of the following: total number of licensees, previous year’s revenue, or previous year’s sides, as provided below. | TO APPLY FOR CLASS D MEMBERSHIP CONTACT SUPPORT@RESO.ORG

Licensees Sales Volume Sides Fee
15,000+ $20B+ 50k+ $20,000
5,000-14,999 $5B+ 25k $2,500
1,000-5,000 $1B+ 10k+ $1,000
0-1,000 Up to $1B Up to 10k $500*

*For brokerages that do not meet the threshold for licensees, sales volume, and slides, please refer to our Broker Affiliate option. 

Class E – Mortgage, Lending & Title Companies

Lending, mortgage and title companies providing services to the real estate industry are eligible for Class E membership.  Dues for Class E membership are based upon annual gross revenue. | APPLY FOR CLASS E MEMBERSHIP

Revenue Dues Amount
$25,000,000+ $25,000
$10,000,000-$24,999,999 $15,000
$5,000,000-$9,999,999 $7,500
$1,000,000-$4,999,999 $2,500
$0-$999,999 $500

Class F – Other Associations or Groups

Other association or standards group not directly affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS® and not adequately described in the above membership categories (Classes A through E) are be eligible for Class F membership. Class F membership requires approval from the Board of Directors. Membership fees are based upon either the organization’s annual revenue, membership size, or the number of licensees. Request approval for membership from the Board of Directors by emailing

Class F Membership fees are set by the RESO Board of Directors upon review and approval based upon the primary revenue model for the organization.

More information about RESO

Please contact RESO staff with any questions.

General Conditions for Membership in RESO

In accordance with the General Conditions for membership in this association, the applicant hereby agrees to accept and abide by the Bylaws and Member Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (MIPRA) established by RESO, and as amended from time to time.