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Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup

The Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup leverages public records and other data standards organizations to build the definitive standard for the Universal Property Identifier to be used by the real estate industry.

The benefits of a Universal Property Identifier include: easier identification of parcels across market boundaries, the unification of public records from multiple sources in one display, and faster updates to physical property characteristics.




Universal Property Identifier Builder

The UPI builder is a simple tool to help you create a UPI for a property for which you have a parcel number, or to reverse engineer the process:

RESO UPI Builder

Universal Property Identifier Repository

RESO’s goal is a model that identifies greater than 90% of properties across the United States, with an extensibility that allows the model to be viable internationally. When the formula of public records information is sufficient to uniquely identify properties, services can be implemented to search for properties via the UPI. This service would be hostable by any technology company with sufficiently available public data, address data, and other filtering ability. Since the ID itself is based on public records, any data steward should be able to provide the same ID for the same property.

A detailed UPI system specification can be found here.


The UPI Workgroup meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at 3:00 pm ET / 12:00 pm PT.  JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP!


UPI Workgroup Chair – Mark Bessett, Senior Enterprise Software/Data Architect for California Regional MLS

Mark is the Senior Enterprise Software and Data Architect for CRMLS. Mark has over 20 years in the technology arena. He has held the positions of Senior Software Engineering Consultant for Microsoft, Staff Systems Engineer for Lockheed Martin and Principle Software Engineer at Honeywell.

Mark is a tech-centric, but business savvy engineer-leader who loves both building and ideation. Mark has worked in multiple industries introducing software and hardware technologies from startups to huge corporations including Lockheed Martin Space and Microsoft. Mark often (and happily) wears many hats in his execution-oriented approach.

Mark is an expert software engineer and experienced thought leader. He has delivered innovative technology solutions to many organizations providing them with key advantages in their industries.

Mark has held security clearances up to TS SCI w/ polygraph and familiar with customers in NRO, NGA and other intelligence agencies.

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, MS Aerospace Engineering.

Past Industry Job: Mark was Enterprise Architect, Senior R&D Engineer, Director of Engineering for Arizona Regional ARMLS

Contact Information: | 909.859.2040 x2095


UPI Workgroup Vice-Chair – Matt Casey, President & CEO for CRS Data

Matt Casey, CEO/President of CRS Data, one of the nation’s leading property data services, has garnered extensive technical and management experience in the property
records space, including involvement in data acquisition, data analysis, and the delivery of data and mapping solutions.

Casey’s time at CRS Data has focused on working with an expert team to design and deliver one of the nation’s most reliable property data services. Today, Casey’s work with
CRS Data encompasses a range of opportunities, from collaborating closely with MLSs of all sizes to bring value to their membership through thoughtful, customizable data
services to refining and expanding CRS Data’s extensive feature offerings.

Contact information: | 865.584.8017 x139