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RESO provides a path for technology companies to build fast, scalable and accurate systems. As real estate data continues to grow in importance and value, organizations can guide their technology decisions in sync with international industry leaders using RESO as a guide.

Beyond Borders

Through innovation and collaboration, RESO’s global membership has laid the groundwork for enhancing data standards in Canada. Adoption and utilization of these standards will continue to drive efficiency internationally.

These Canadian organizations are helping to pave the way:

RESO Canadian Members

  • The Canadian Real Estate Association | L’Association canadienne de l’immobilier
  • Centris
  • Clientime
  • Falcon Technologies Corporation
  • Listed
  • Local Logic
  • Multi List Platform Limited Partnership
  • Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
  • Phoenix Software
  • Planitar
  • PropTexx
  • Prospects Software
  • REALTORS® Association of Edmonton
  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver
  • Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association
  • Templates 4 Business
  • Winnipeg Regional Real Estate Board



Our member organizations include MLSs, brokerages, REALTOR® associations and technology partners serving more than one and a half million real estate professionals.

Products & Services


The modern upgrade for real estate data transport.

Data Dictionary

The industry’s universal language for data, with capabilities for local customization and translation for any language or locale.

RESO Analytics

Detailed reports and visualizations on standardized and unique local data elements.

RESO Certification

Verification of technology system compliance with real estate data standards for peak interoperability with in-depth certification reports to guide management teams to data-driven decisions about future technology choices.

Universal Property Identifier (UPI)

A global solution for accurate property identification.

Unique Organization Identifier (UOI)

A singular, accurate ID for MLSs, professional associations, brokerages and technology providers to help organizations collaborate with data stakeholders.


Thousands of RESO members work together to develop standards for real estate listing terminology, data transport, Internet tracking, property identification, standardized payloads, interoperability and more.

Working with Real Estate Data Course

(and the RED-B Designation)

The industry’s only primer course for understanding the flow of real estate data.



RESO offers concrete benefits to MLSs, brokers and technology partners. Through standards, workgroups, events, collaboration with other organizations and free certification for members, RESO members gain knowledge and strategic vision around the industry’s technology future.


Technology Partner Benefits

Faster Integration – Through standards, technology can be built more efficiently, allowing quicker growth and more effective scale across markets.

Insights Through Accurate Data – Statistical tools like RESO Analytics provide broader and more insightful reports through seamless, standardized data.

Decision-Maker Networking – Work directly with the industry’s most forward-thinking brokerages and MLSs at RESO’s meetings and events.

Connections – REACH Canada is a growth accelerator created by Second Century Ventures, an early-stage technology fund, backed by the National Association of REALTORS®. REACH is a RESO partner in technology development and onboarding startup tech companies into RESO membership.


MLS & Business Trade Association Benefits

Build Your Brand as an Innovative MLS – The industry’s MLS leaders are forging ahead with international data standards initiatives. Be known as an organization that brings new innovation to your membership through your RESO leadership.

Determine the Future of  MLS Technology – RESO membership gives you a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact your MLS and all MLSs.

Strategic Planning – Technology is a critical component of an MLS’s future, and RESO members can find a competitive advantage through understanding what’s coming next.


Broker Benefits

Shape Your Future – RESO membership puts you where decisions are made that will directly impact your brokerage.

Build or Buy Tools That Scale and Integrate Faster – Through standards, brokers have access to tools made by technology partners that work across MLSs and geographies, creating productivity for agents.

Be Among the Industry’s Technology Leaders – RESO members include the best and brightest minds in real estate. Members build trust and support one another through a shared commitment to technological leadership.


Certification Benefits

Attract the Best Tech – RESO certifies systems that comply with real estate data standards, which ensures interoperability between technology systems that speak a common standards language.

Get Certified on the Most Modern Method of Data Transport – RESO Web API certification ensures that technology systems can process requests from other systems and deliver responses in a standardized fashion. This creates a foundation for faster innovation at a lower cost and allows technology vendors to meet a wider range of client needs.

A Common Terminology – Data Dictionary certification tests technology systems to confirm that fields, enumerations and data format are in compliance with the standard. This ensures that real estate information can be aggregated accurately into consumer tools and applications for MLSs, brokers and agents.

The Best Part – Certification is free for all RESO members.


​What’s Coming

See all Future Events

  • Working with Real Estate Data: Technical Module (and the RED-T Designation)
  • RESO Analytics: Consumer, Provider and Market Alignment Reports



Stay informed on the latest in real estate technology through our frequent news updates, monthly newsletters, and custom publications for innovation and research in real estate data.



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