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RESO Broker Affiliate


RESO offers an option for small brokerages that have fewer than 500 licensees, under $500 million in sales volume and fewer than 5,000 sides per year. While not considered a RESO member, a Broker Affiliate is able to attend the Broker Advisory Workgroup meetings and receive member communications from RESO.

As long as your company falls within the aforementioned category for licensees, sales volume and sides, there is no charge to be a Broker Affiliate. We offer this to ensure that cost does not deter you from being a part of the conversation. You will remain a Broker Affiliate until you decide to no longer participate in RESO or until your company meets the Class D tiers.

If you are interested in RESO certification, voting privileges, member discounts or running for the Board of Directors, you should consider a Class D membership instead of joining the Broker Affiliate group.



To become a Broker Affiliate, please contact A staff member will process your application and send you the Non-Member Intellectual Property Rights Agreement (NMIPRA) which needs to be signed before you can participate in RESO.



If you have any questions, please contact


RESO Affiliate Logos:

Disclaimer: Please note that you may not use any of the below RESO logos unless you have signed our Trademark Agreement. If you are unsure if your organization has signed this agreement or need to sign this document, please contact

If you have any questions and/or need an alternate size/format of one of the logos below, please submit your request to


Logo “RESO AFFILIATE” horizontal with full organization name below:  Black.png  |  Blue.png  |  Gray.png  |  White.png  

Logo “RESO AFFILIATE” vertical:  Black.png  |  Blue.png  | Gray.png  |  White.png