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RESO certifies systems to ensure they comply with real estate data standards. Certification ensures interoperability between technology systems that speak a common language. Standards provide that common language.

RESO Map of Certified Organizations

The Certification Process

  1. Pre-testing: Certification candidates should work with their technical staff or vendor to pre-test their systems with RESO’s certification tools. Pre-testing is essential to expediting certification. RESO staff is available to troubleshoot issues.
  2. Application and verification: Do not start a certification application until you have a confirmed, compliant RESOscript XML file from your technology vendor. Organizations who’ve passed pre-testing can apply for certification through the RESO website. RESO reviews the application for current membership status, a current signed Trademark Agreement, a signed Declaration, and agreement to the Certification Terms & Conditions (all docs available here).
  3. Certification payment: Certifications are complimentary for RESO members. Non-members should review the RESO Certification Fee Schedule.
  4. Compliance testing: RESO uses access credentials supplied by the applicant and/or applicant’s technology vendor and verifies standards conformance for the system.
  5. Certification: Applicants whose systems pass testing are provided with certificates from RESO.

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Certification Quick Facts

  • RESO is currently certifying on Web API 1.0.2 Core and Data Dictionary 1.7.
  • Certifications on the two most recent versions of a standard are viewed as active certifications by RESO.
    • Certification on the most recent standard is classified as “Certified Current.”
    • Certification on the previous most recent standard is classified as “Certified Legacy.”
  • The National Association of REALTORS® requires REALTOR®-owned and operated MLSs to be in compliance with the most recent RESO standards (i.e., Certified Current, within 12 months of RESO ratification).
  • Certification isn’t just for MLSs. Brokers and technology vendors with Web API servers are also certifying with RESO.

Full Details on Certification by Organization Type

RESO Certified Organizations

DLU January 14th, 2021