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RESO Certification will test programs and platforms for conformance to RESO Standards. Please read entire page before applying for certification.

Certificates awarded by RESO may be viewed at https://www.reso.org/certificates.

Certification Overview

There are many steps applications follow through certification:

1: Application Verification: RESO reviews the application and verifies the information. The Trademark Agreement document is to be signed and returned.
2: Compliance Testing: RESO runs the appropriate tests for the platform or conducts a Client Review Session.
3a: Certification Delivery: Certificates are provided to Applicants whose programs and platforms meet the required standards.
3b: Troubleshooting: RESO will troubleshoot issues with those who do not qualify for a certificate.

Certification for N.A.R. MLS Policy Mandated RESO Data Dictionary and Web API Standards Adoption

RESO RETS and Web API Certification for Technology Partners

DLU August 14th, 2017