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RESO Workgroups

Workgroups create RESO standards. Thousands of RESO members volunteer their time as subject matter experts to drive the next generation of standards. From data standards to internet tracking, unique ID systems and more, RESO’s workgroup members are the driving force for the organization. | JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP!


Broker Advisory Workgroup

The RESO Broker Advisory Group brings brokerage and technology partners together to collect industry pain points. There is no requirement of technical expertise to join and contribute to this workgroup. Its mission is to identify brokerage-related industry issues which RESO’s technical workgroups may be able to solve. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BROKER ADVISORY GROUP

Research & Development Workgroup

The RESO Research & Development Workgroup solicits and reviews submitted business cases from the real estate community. It identifies how RESO can contribute to a solution and which workgroups should be involved in vetting that solution. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT WORKGROUP

Data Dictionary Workgroup

The RESO Data Dictionary is the real estate industry’s universal language for data. It allows a wide range of systems to talk to each other in a seamless manner. This group meets regularly to expand and enhance the vast data guide that the Data Dictionary provides to the industry. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DATA DICTIONARY WORKGROUP

Payloads Workgroup

Real estate data is typically delivered as a specific set of data for a business need.  The Payloads Workgroup defines standardized payloads of Data Dictionary fields such as an IDX payload and a broker back office payload. These defined payloads allow software developers to build tools faster and scale them more quickly by understanding upfront what the data payloads will look like. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PAYLOADS WORKGROUP

Transport Workgroup

The Transport Workgroup provides technical expertise for the continued development of data transport standards. The workgroup’s primary focus is in growing the standardization and capabilities of the RESO Web API. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE TRANSPORT WORKGROUP

Internet Tracking Workgroup

The Internet Tracking Workgroup provides a model for tracking user activity around real estate data across any system. This standard provides the opportunity for real estate professionals to compare listing data activity from many different outlets in a single dashboard or tool. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE INTERNET TRACKING WORKGROUP

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup

The Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup, has created a single model to globally and accurately identify properties. The UPI standard is already being adopted by technology companies and foreign governments to improve accuracy and information across property data sets. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE UPI WORKGROUP

Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup

The RESO Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup creates solutions that ensure different industry systems can seamlessly work together. In driving standardized models for sharing listing and customer data across transaction management systems, this workgroup creates efficiency for industry professionals and consumers. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CROSS-PLATFORM INTEROPERABILITY WORKGROUP

Distributed Ledger Workgroup

The Distributed Ledger Workgroup develops an events model to document lifecycle insights about real estate. In conjunction with the RESO Data Dictionary, the event model provides standardized fields which can be delivered through a traditional API or a decentralized system. | LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DISTRIBUTED LEDGER WORKGROUP

Board of Directors’ Liaison Workgroup

The Board of Directors’ Liaison Workgroup is the communication channel between the board, workgroup chairs, and the CEO. This group ensures that workgroups achieve strategic plan objectives, and provides the collaboration that ensures that all workgroup standards are well-understood and complementary.

Individuals and/or organizations must be members of RESO in order to participate in committees or workgroups.