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Membership Benefits

Why Join RESO?

You have an opportunity to change the future of real estate when you join RESO.

The real estate industry is embarking on welcomed and significant changes that will completely alter the way real estate brokers and agents use MLS data in all their software applications. One of the biggest changes comes as the industry rolls out its mandated “RESO Data Dictionary” in 2015 – the “Rosetta Stone” for real estate data.

Beginning January 1, 2015, the board of the National Association of REALTORS® implemented a policy that requires Realtor-affiliated MLSs to comply with the RESO Data Dictionary and get RESO certified by January 1, 2016, a set of standard data fields for property information, ensuring all MLSs will speak the same language.  Most of the nation’s estimated 770+ MLSs are Realtor affiliated.

By joining RESO in any membership category, you have an opportunity to actively lead change, as the mission of RESO is “to create and promote the adoption of standards that drive efficiency throughout the real estate industry.”

In addition to discovering one the best opportunities you’ll have to network with your peers and industry leaders, you’ll receive significant discounts as a RESO members and many other benefits, including:


  • MLS & AOR Executives can deliver more value to its members and business partners by joining RESO.
  • Data standards help support your software vendors, unleashing their ability to create more innovative applications for your members.
  • Getting involved in RESO through committee participation gives your MLS a seat at the table in the decision-making process for standards that will drive the future of the real estate industry.
  • As part of the standards making process, your MLS can help ensure accurate property listing data and syndication.
  • RESO puts you in the mix with some of the brightest minds in real estate, offering you the ability to increase your expertise as you participate with other industry leaders.


  • RESO is for more than just Geeks. RESO is for everyone who shares our vision of a streamlined real technology industry, which especially benefits real estate brokers.
  • For real estate broker owners and executives of Franchises, RESO membership gives you a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact your business.
  • Brokers become an insider, learning about future changes, providing the opportunity for a competitive advantage.
  • Data is also your destiny, and brokers need to play a direct role in helping shape new standards by sharing their point of view with other RESO members.
  • RESO provides you an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how standards impact your brokerage operation.
  • At RESO Conferences you’ll interact with some brightest minds in real estate, offering you the ability to increase your expertise and help advocate the adoption of new standards you help to create.


  • By joining RESO, MLS organizations and Technology Partners have the inside track on future industry changes, affording you the ability to gain a competitive edge.
  • You are able to have a direct voice in the standard-setting process.
  • You have the opportunity to help steer the newest industry standards.
  • The entire process gives you the ability to collaborate with your customers to help make the real estate industry more efficient.


  • Networking: RESO hosts conferences in the Spring and the Fall that provides an intimate setting – typically less than 200 people – to meet with other leaders face-to-face, developing stronger relationships, which opens up new opportunities for collaboration and future business development.  In addition the RESO membership online platform extends networking into a virtual environment providing online collaboration 24x7x365 with other members and industry experts.
  • Involvement: RESO gives participants the unique opportunity to become involved through committees that typically meet online, which serves as the incubators of innovation for proposed RESO changes. RESO empowers you to affect change through your involvement.
  • Discounted Fees: RESO members receive discounted fees to RESO sponsored events. It also can be less expensive to simply join RESO than pay for a single Certification, or enjoy significant savings on a future Certification.

DLU 08/19/2015