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Membership Benefits

Why Join RESO?

RESO offers concrete benefits to MLSs, brokers and technology partners. Through professional workgroups, events and collaboration with RESO’s organizations, members gain knowledge and strategic vision around the industry’s technology future.

Broker Benefits

  • Shape Your Future – RESO membership puts you where decisions are made that will directly impact your brokerage.
  • Educate Your Leadership – RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data course provides a greater understanding of the complex world of accessing and using MLS data.
  • Build or Buy Tools That Scale and Integrate Faster – Through standards, brokers have access to tools made by technology partners that work across MLSs and geographies, creating productivity for agents.
  • Be Among the Industry’s Technology Leaders – RESO members include the best and brightest minds in real estate. Members build trust and support one another through a shared commitment to technological leadership.


MLS Benefits

  • Build Your Brand as an Innovative MLS – The industry’s MLS leaders are forging ahead with international data standards initiatives. Be known as an organization that brings new innovation to your membership through your RESO leadership.
  • Certify Your Technology Systems – Ensure that your tools can give brokers the features they need with a standards certification.
  • Onboard New Staff With Technology Training – RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data course fast tracks knowledge on industry fundamentals.
  • Determine the Future of MLS Technology – RESO membership offers a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact all MLSs.
  • Strategic Planning – Technology is a critical component of an MLS’s future, and RESO members can find a competitive advantage through understanding what’s coming next.


Technology Partner Benefits

  • Faster Integration – Through standards, technology can be built more efficiently, allowing quicker growth and more effective scale across markets.
  • Insights Through Accurate Data – Statistical tools like RESO Analytics provide broader and more insightful reports through seamless, standardized data.
  • Interoperability Certification – You are exchanging data with technology partners. Adopt RESO Common Format and proudly display a certification badge to customers.
  • Decision-Maker Networking – Work directly with the industry’s most forward-thinking brokerages and MLSs at RESO’s meetings and events.


More Info

Learn more about becoming a RESO member at or 919.504.6235.


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