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RESO Education Course: Working With Real Estate Data

RESO Working With Real Estate Data Education CourseRESO’s Working With Real Estate Data course is the industry’s primer for understanding its organizations, rules, processes, and technology systems affecting real estate data. The Business Concepts module is designed for non-technical and technical data stakeholders to learn how real estate information flows through the industry.

This course is an ideal opportunity for onboarding new staff members, preparing volunteer leaders for serving on boards and committees, or educating new data partners to ensure efficient interactions.

Working With Real Estate Data was inspired by RESO’s membership, a group of hundreds of organizations that represent the majority of organized real estate. MLSs wanted a way to bring their staff and vendors up to speed quickly on industry data topics. Brokers and vendors wanted an objective way to show their data partners that they understood the rules of the road.

To fulfill those needs, this course was designed to deliver two primary benefits:

  • Practical knowledge of the stakeholders and processes for accessing real estate data
  • A certificate which provides objective evidence that the course graduate understands the basics of working efficiently with real estate industry partners

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Coming Soon

RESO’s Working With Real Estate Data course is currently in beta testing with brokers, MLS administrators, and technical vendors taking the course and giving feedback. RESO plans on opening the course up to the industry in Q2 of 2021.


DLU January 20th, 2021