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RESO Education Course: Working with Real Estate Data (WWRED)

RESO Working With Real Estate Data Education Course

RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data course is the industry’s primer for understanding how data flows through the industry. The Business Module is the first section, designed for both nontechnical and technical professionals. It covers the organizations, rules, processes and technology systems that create the real estate data ecosystem.

Upon completion of the Business Module of this course, a student becomes eligible for a certificate and a Real Estate Data – Business, or RED-B, designation. Additional course modules will follow, including a Technical Module for engineers and developers, with a RED-T designation. | SEE THE LIST OF RED-B DESIGNEES WHO’VE COMPLETED THE COURSE


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$199 for RESO Members, $499 for Non-Members

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In the Business Module, the course focuses on major industry concepts:

  • Brokers, Agents, Agent Teams
  • Licensing and Business Types
  • REALTOR® Associations
  • Multiple Listing Services
  • Technology Vendors
  • Trade Organizations
  • MLS Rules and Policies
  • Advanced MLS Concepts
  • Data Standards and Licensing
  • RESO Standards, Workgroups and Certification

This course is an ideal opportunity for onboarding new staff members and volunteer leaders. A baseline of common knowledge is critical to having productive technology conversations between leadership and staff. The course can also be a valuable tool for ensuring new data partners understand the landscape of logistical relationships and rules.

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Working with Real Estate Data was developed due to high demand in RESO’s membership for objective technology education. MLSs wanted a way to bring their staff and vendors up to speed quickly on industry data topics. Brokers and vendors wanted an objective way to show their data partners that they understood the rules of the road. Startup organizations needed a way to quickly learn the intricacies of the real estate data space to streamline their ability to scale across markets.

“The MLS industry is very complex. This is a clear and concise course to educate new employees entering the real estate tech space as well as a valuable refresher for veterans.  RPR will be providing the Working with Real Estate Data course as part of our onboarding process for all future hires.” – Jeff Young, COO of Realtors Property Resource


Working with Real Estate Data provides 40 short segments of real estate learning sessions, explainer videos, quizzes and downloadable material. A student with heavy industry data experience might spend a couple of hours working through the content. A student with less industry data experience might break the learning sessions up over a week or two.


“This is the quintessential course for any real estate professional looking to understand the landscape around MLS data and is a must for new staff and volunteer leadership in your organizations.” – John Breault, VP of MLS and Member Services, Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® and State-Wide MLS

The time necessary to complete the course will be dependent upon the student’s experience, but any industry participant can pass this course. Working at your own pace and on your own schedule, the focus is on learning and retaining this valuable information to enhance your career opportunities.


“This course provides a comprehensive foundation for real estate vendors and MLS staff. This industry has nuances that can sometimes take a newcomer years to understand. This course packages all you need to know about real estate technology into a brief and easy to digest format.” – Chris Lumia, Broker Success Manager, Stellar MLS

The Business Module has been completed by hundreds of MLS execs and staff members, technical vendors, brokers, and real estate education managers. The content will continue to be updated as the industry’s technology, policies, and processes continue to evolve.

“With this course, RESO takes it to the next level by introducing real estate industry terminology and shared understandings beyond their current boundaries. Entrants into the industry, whether developers, vendors, volunteer leaders, or even MLS or brokerage staff will now have an elegant resource for obtaining what was previously siloed industry knowledge.” – Gayle Ludemann, MLS Director, San Antonio Board of REALTORS®

Have suggestions?

RESO wants your feedback. As new course modules are developed, your ideas about content for additional industry roles, verticals, and even international applications are welcome. Contact us at

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