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REACH Membership

NAR REACH Participants: Two Years of Complimentary RESO Membership

Let RESO be your guide to building scalable technology at a faster rate. The real estate industry aligns with data standards, and technology leaders are future-proofing their businesses by developing interoperable products with RESO as a foundation.

Your participation in REACH grants your organization with a complimentary company membership and individual registration per RESO conference for the next two years (a $3,000 value+). Take advantage of your membership and discounts and JOIN NOW.

  •  RESO workgroups are where the work gets done. Collaborate with industry colleagues to solve problems and develop the standards. Members can participate in as many workgroups as they like, most meet virtually monthly.
  • Attend and sponsor RESO events for great networking and learning opportunities.
  • Earn the RED-B designation to prove your industry knowledge. RESO’s wwRED online, self-paced course provides understanding for how data flows through the industry. The Business Module covers the organizations, rules, processes and technology systems that create the real estate data ecosystem.
  • Follow our product updates to stay ahead of the curve. See the latest developments that will impact your new tech’s relevance in the field.

Join These Industry Leaders

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Startup Shout-Outs to RESO

Short Videos From
Realtyna About Key RESO Products for Startups: RESO Web API | Data Dictionary


Rental Beast

RESO’s role in standardizing data and processes within the real estate and rental markets is invaluable. They meet a pressing need for uniformity to ensure a cohesive and seamless experience for real estate professionals, MLSs and consumers. As a participant in the REACH program, we were thankful for RESO’s paving the way for an easier, simpler and more predictable go-to-market, as they have done for many technology vendors in the industry. By establishing a foundation of consistency, RESO plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future and driving toward a more collaborative and effective landscape. In the eternal words of Zig Ziglar, “Setting standards for others is often a way to raise the bar for yourself.”

– Ishay Grinberg, CEO, Rental Beast


Solid Earth

“The team at Triad MLS challenged our team to get a site up for them FAST! In just 22 hours, the Solid Earth team had a staging site up. And in less than one week from a signed agreement, their site was live! Thanks again to the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) for making this possible.”

– Eric Stegemann, CEO, TRIBUS, parent company of Solid Earth



“Integrating with MLSs and associations requires a lot of project management, understanding data mapping and making sure that you do everything to serve the right information to the brokers. That’s where standards play a huge role. We need to make sure that fields are pre-mapped – understanding the structures and the Data Dictionary, making sure that standards are followed. What that does for us and for the broker is it really saves cost. It allows us to spend our time on deriving more value, building more software, more solutions to problems rather than spending our time on project management and integrations.”

– Nikola Dosev, Manager, Product Growth & Innovation, SkySlope



“We started in New York as a vendor plugging into a nonstandard backend database, and it was a heavy, heavy, heavy lift to just get that underlying data right and to build a product on top of it. I have to assume that there was plenty of innovation that doesn’t happen because of underlying data issues, either because a team has to devote a ton of resources to solving these problems that shouldn’t be there in the first place or a team might say, hey, this just is not worth the brain damage. If nothing else, sticking to data standards helps encourage innovation and makes it easier to bring new and better products to market. Ultimately, agents, brokers and professionals are the beneficiaries of those better products.”

– Brendan Fairbanks, CEO, Perchwell

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If you have any questions or need additional support, please contact RESO Membership Manager, Brian Ohnesorgen, at

Welcome to RESO.

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