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Transport Workgroup

The Transport Workgroup creates standards that define how data can be accessed by data consumers from the systems of data producers. The group is primarily focused on the RESO Web API interface between outside applications and MLS servers.

The Transport Workgroup’s goal is to define a standard for accessing MLS data via a RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture. Ultimately, this API should:

  • Provide real-time retrieval of MLS data via standard search methods and in the format designed in the RESO Data Dictionary.
  • Enable developers to more rapidly develop applications (web, mobile or other) using widely adopted technology standards and methods.
  • Offer a standard approach that technology partners can adhere to for consistency across markets while enabling technology partners to extend the standard with their own unique approaches.

The Transport Workgroup's path to creating a RESO standard.

The Transport Workgroup meets on the 1st Monday of each month at 4:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm PT.

The closely aligned Certification Subgroup meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4:00 pm ET / 1:00 pm PT. | JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP


Portrait of Paul Stusiak

Paul Stusiak

Transport Workgroup Chair – Paul Stusiak, President & Owner, Falcon Technologies Corporation
Paul is the President and owner of Falcon Technologies Corporation. He has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology as a consultant and in systems development, much of it in the real estate industry. He has been involved in RESO for nearly 20 years.

Portrait of Sergio Del Rio

Sergio Del Rio

Transport Workgroup Vice-Chair – Sergio Del Rio, CIO at Templates 4 Business
Sergio is the CIO and a co-founder of Templates 4 Business (T4Bi), a Vancouver-based systems integration and software development firm. He has worked for a variety of consulting firms, including Oracle, before co-founding Templates 4 Business in 2000. T4Bi provides custom software solutions for a wide range of customers in the public and private sectors and has been providing software development, integration and support services to Bright MLS for more than 20 years. Sergio has almost 30 years of real estate experience and has been involved with RESO  since its inception.


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