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RESO Common Format (RCF)

opens in a new windowRCF – Single-Valued Payloads

Single-Valued Payloads: It’s often convenient to be able to represent a single, top-level JSON Data Dictionary item. (Select to enlarge.)

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What is RCF certification?
RCF is the result of a desire for a normative JSON data format that corresponds with the RESO Data Dictionary and is compatible with existing Web API implementations for retrieving or creating data. | VIEW THE RCF SPECIFICATION

The RESO Web API is primarily used by MLS data providers, but other participants in the real estate transaction and ecosystem benefit from having a standard payload format to provide interoperability between various systems. RCF fulfills this need for the likes of tour, assessment, and showing providers or photographers, as Data Dictionary JSON format is not limited to Web APIs and may be used with any data source.

Okay, great. What is JSON?
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight open standard and data-interchange file format that is easy for humans to read/write and for machines to parse/generate. It is language independent but familiar to those who understand C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python and more, making JSON an ideal data-interchange language. JSON file names use the extension .json.

As a broker, what are the benefits of being RCF certified?
RCF gives brokers and their technology partners a better way to freely and efficiently share data between organizations, opening up opportunities for more certainty in technology planning.

It empowers a brokerage and its website vendor, CRM company, lead gen portal and back office tools to all talk to each other with data packaged in a simple, well-organized format. It keeps the broker’s data accurate and consistent across systems.

How much does RCF certification cost?
Certification is free as a RESO member benefit. Fees apply for nonmembers. | CERTIFICATION FEE SCHEDULE

How long does it take to get RCF certified?
Once you are in the queue with our certification team, it should take about one week.

What is the process to apply for RCF certification?
When an organization decides that it wants to be certified for RCF, they first need to contact RESO’s Membership department at to state whether they would like to be a member or pay a certification fee as a nonmember.

Once membership status is determined, RESO’s Certification team will be notified and will work with the organization or its proxy vendor through the certification process on any errors and achieving a passed test result for approval.

Upon approval, a “Certified” status will be published in RESO Analytics and other RESO marketing.

Does RCF certification expire?
RCF expires along with the version of the Data Dictionary that it references. So if your RCF endorsement is attached to Data Dictionary 2.0 and we move on toward 3.0, a new RCF endorsement would be needed.

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