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Product Updates


Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary Workgroup moved forward with enumerating Architectural Style, including values from well-recognized industry lists and high-usage items from RESO Analytics.

Alphabetical List of Certified Organizations

Our alphabetized certification status list has returned and is now tied directly to RESO Analytics, as is the RESO Certification Map. The list is now driven by the RESO UOI Service and the Public Organizations feed.

RESO Certification Map

The map is now driven by certification data from RESO Analytics and the RESO Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) Service. Certification statuses for the organizations represented on the map are updated in real time, based on certification self-testing done by data providers.

Map Tooltips

Map tooltips have been updated with the latest certification data from RESO Analytics, along with a link to the certification details for the organization represented.

Organizations on the list may be expanded to show their certification status and a link to their certification summary on RESO Analytics.

Certification Status Charts

  • Pie charts have been added to show the breakdown of certification statuses by organization.
  • There are three charts: Combined (all types of data providers), MLSs and Pooled Platforms.

The chart sections are hoverable, showing the exact count of organizations in the selected section.

Certified Current Definition

In order to be considered “Certified Current,” organizations must now be certified for both Web API Core 2.0.0 and Data Dictionary 1.7.

November 2023


The RESO Board of Directors ratified Data Dictionary 2.0, Web API 2.1.0 and RESO Common Format at the RESO 2023 Fall Conference.

More will be shared about these exciting developments on RESO’s website, in the RESO Workgroup Collaboration System, on RESO’s GitHub and in future issues of RESO Monthly. You can also expect to see updates on the Data Dictionary Wiki before the end of 2023, as Data Dictionary 2.0 exits “draft” status and becomes the prevailing standard.

What’s important to know about RESO Common Format is that it will allow for more certifications for non-MLS technology.

October 2023

Data Dictionary

  • Heat Pump Water Heater was approved as a lookup under Appliances.
  • Data Dictionary 2.0 will be closed to new changes on October 31, 2023.
  • Data Dictionary Naming Conventions – Approved the motion to change the following resources to singular form in the next version release (Data Dictionary 3.0):

The following resources voted in as plural for version 2.0 will be updated to singular:

  • CaravanStops – Change to CaravanStop
  • MemberStateLicenses – Change to MemberStateLicense
  • OfficeCorporateLicenses – Change to OfficeCorporateLicense

The following LookupNames will also be changed to singular:

  • CaravanStopsResourceNames – Change to CaravanStopResourceName
  • CaravanStopsClassName – Change to CaravanStopClassName

Data Dictionary Subgroups

Fast Track
  • The group is reviewing suggested mappings for nonstandard enumerations collected via certification testing in RESO Analytics, starting with the most commonly used fields.
  • The group recommended to restrict enumerations for Country and StateOrProvince fields to ISO standards and to cross-validate them.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

  • The group recommended that the CRE standard takes the direction of a new Data Dictionary class as opposed to new resource(s).
  • The group recommended a new multiselect lookup field called LeaseTermOptions with the same lookup options as LeaseTerm, plus the addition of options for 3 Months and 9 Months. These options are meant to better convey rental listing information.


  • Supporting Single Feeds (RCP-035) – The group approved the creation of a specification and testing rules based on the Single Feeds GitHub discussion.
  • RESO Common Format (RCP-025) – The specification was approved.
    • Testing rules approved by Certification Subgroup were added to the RESO Common Format proposal. 
    • Two implementations have been verified.
    • Beta testing tools have been created.
  • Deprecated Data Elements (RCP-045) – The creation of a specification to indicate when a data element has been deprecated has been approved. This could be a resource, field or lookup.
  • Conventions for Data Dictionary Resource and Route Naming – Naming conventions for Data Dictionary data elements were approved, including a change to make all resource names singular.


The UPI Workgroup has proposed a UPI Version 2.0, which involves retaining the formatting of the parcel identifier from the county or other relevant authority.


September 2023

Data Dictionary


  • Day Sleeper
  • Electricity Not On
  • Inconsistent Cell Service
  • Limited Visibility From Road
  • Minimal Exterior Lighting
  • Minimal Interior Lighting
  • No Heat
  • No Interior Lighting
  • Occupied
  • Pet(s) on Premises
  • Remote Location
  • Security System
  • See Remarks


  • 24 Hour Notice
  • Appointment Only
  • Call Listing Agent
  • Call Listing Office
  • Call Manager
  • Call Owner
  • Call Tenant
  • Combination Lock Box
  • Do Not Show
  • Email Listing Agent
  • Key In Office
  • Lockbox
  • No Lockbox
  • No Sign
  • Restricted Hours
  • Showing Service
  • Text Listing Agent
  • See Remarks


  • Fixer
  • New Construction
  • To Be Built
  • Under Construction
  • Updated/Remodeled


August 2023

Co-Ownership was previously voted in as a lookup under the PropertySubType field for Data Dictionary 2.1. There was a request to move the Co-Ownership option under PropertyType instead, but the Data Dictionary Workgroup voted against this measure. Co-Ownership will continue to be a lookup under PropertySubType.

FrontageType vs. WaterfrontFeatures
This proposal would streamline the lookups of FrontageType and WaterfrontFeatures. The Data Dictionary Workgroup is exploring moving certain lookups to CommunityFeatures. Further research into certification data is underway to see how many providers offer just one or both FrontageType and WaterfrontFeatures fields.

The direction of ImageContains is a new multi-select lookup field that will convey multiple subjects in an image. Some of the more specific items from ImageOf will be put in ImageContains. Additional appropriate items for ImageContains will be gathered with help from fields like Appliances and InteriorFeatures.

ImageOf would be broad items like Backyard and ImageContains would be Fence and Patio. One ImageOf can have many ImageContains. For example: “This is an image of a backyard that has a patio and fence in it.” A proposal for the actual lookups will be out soon.

July 2023

RESO Analytics, v1.3.4

Certification status icons have been added to the provider drop-down list on the Certification Summary page.

The icons are hoverable, showing the status for each certification, including in-process certifications.

The icons may also be useful to providers who have an existing certification and are retesting after making changes or testing a new system.


June 2023

Data Dictionary

Two new subgroups are forming under the Data Dictionary Workgroup.

Fast-Track Subgroup
The release of Data Dictionary 2.0 will bring new tests on enumerations. The self-testing system will allow data providers to make suggestions for additions or changes to the Data Dictionary. The workgroup is proposing a new model to fast-track the release of high-priority changes without having to wait for major dictionary version changes that could take a year or more to ratify.

This subgroup would create the process to release those changes into the Data Dictionary at a quicker pace. If you would like to participate, please email

Building Subgroup
A proposal initiated by the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) suggests that a new resource called Building should be added to the Data Dictionary. The goal is a more accurate description of vertical residential properties. Property features for a building can be different from those of a unit. For example, in a rental listing, the building allows dogs, but the condo owner does not.

Metadata has been collected from several providers, including REBNY’s Residential Listing Service (RLS), and will be aligned with the Data Dictionary to identify candidate fields for a new resource.

Please comment on this post if you are interested in helping to shape the fields of a potential Building Resource.

RESO Analytics

RESO Analytics: Auto-Archiving Certification Endorsements

Providers may now archive endorsements and should do so for any organizations that they are no longer serving or contain results that are otherwise unwanted.

Archiving is available for endorsements in Passed, Notified, Certified, Canceled or Withdrawn status and is performed by selecting the status button for the endorsement to be archived and then selecting Archive.

Auto-Archiving Certification Endorsements: Endorsements in the statuses of Passed, Notified, Canceled or Withdrawn are automatically archived and replaced if a new endorsement of the same type is submitted by the provider. A new Performance Report will also be generated for any endorsement that is auto-archived and replaced. Endorsements in the Certified and Revoked status are not archived and replaced.

Multiple Statuses of Endorsements: Providers are able to retain existing endorsements that are in a permanent status (Certified, Revoked) alongside new in-progress endorsements of the same type.

Provider System Names: Provider system names have been added to certification reports. Providers may offer more than one system, and the addition of the name allows them to be distinguished from one another. System names have been added to the following reports: Data Dictionary and Web API Reports, Certification Summary Report, and Performance Report. Providers that would like to change their system name may reach out to, and it will be updated by RESO staff.

Sort Options Improved: The name and time sort on the endorsements page has been streamlined to a single menu, requiring fewer clicks.

Improved Clipboard Functionality: The page header bar, endorsements and summary pages allow for copying an organization’s Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) by selecting the clipboard icon.

May 2023

Data Dictionary

Coming Soon approved as a new lookup under the ChangeType field
Workgroup voted to create Agent/Office biography and media fields (business case from R&D Workgroup)

Web API Transition Guide

RESO has produced a Web API Transition Guide to help organizations along on their own journey toward the API standard. We encourage everyone reading this who has not transitioned fully to RESO Web API to add this to your 2023 reading list.


April 2023

Data Dictionary

Lookups Approved for PowerStorageType

  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Lead Acid Battery
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • Other
  • Unknown

2023 RESO Winter Developer Conference | NOTES

Items that were discussed at the 2023 Winter RESO Developer Conference include:

  • More user-friendly and extensible metadata resources for models, fields and lookups
  • The ability to advertise capabilities, like whether a field is searchable, updatable or expandable
  • Support for locale, internationalization and local data elements
  • Pushing payloads to data consumers using web hooks and RESO Common Format
  • Add/Edit for Media resources using streams to update photos or videos


March 2023

Data Dictionary

Current and future versions of Data Dictionary in spreadsheet format have been added to the home page of the Data Dictionary Workgroup on RESO’s workgroup collaboration system, Confluence, and to RESO’s website. The versions include:

RESO Web API Transition Guide

We are excited to share an initial draft of Transitioning Your Customers to RESO Web API: A Guide For MLS Leaders. This guide will help you get started and see the transition through to completion.

This is just version 1.0. We welcome suggestions/edits from the community before we unveil a printed version 2.0 at the upcoming RESO 2023 Spring Conference in San Antonio, TX, April 18–20.

Feel free to contact us at with any suggestions. This is a team effort, and we are grateful for your contributions.

February 2023

Data Dictionary

A new resource and accompanying fields were approved for Data Dictionary 2.1.

  • PowerStorage
    • PowerStorageType
    • NameplateCapacity
    • DateOfInstallation
    • InformationSource


Data Dictionary JSON Payloads (RCP-025 ) has been renamed RESO Common Format.

Transitioning Your Customers to RESO Web API, A Guide for MLS Leaders has been produced with feedback from dozens of member organizations.

MLSs, technology vendors and brokerage companies contributed their experiences in preparation, communications, scheduling and distribution for a successful transition from RETS to Web API.

Version 1.0 of this guide will be distributed in Q1 to all MLSs via email. RESO is seeking your feedback to continue improving the guide.

A final version will be printed and shared with attendees at RESO’s Spring Conference in San Antonio, TX April 17-20.


January 2023

Data Dictionary

A field to contain a listing’s participant-provided contact phone or email called AttributionContact was voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.

A field called CompensationComments was voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.

A field called GrossLivingAreaAnsi was voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.

A lookup called Affiliate under the MemberType field was voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.

A lookup called Steel Frame under the ConstructionMaterials field was voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.

The Owner Will Carry lookup of the ListingTerms field’s definition was corrected to read, “The seller will carry the mortgage note.”

A new Resource called InternetTrackingSummary, as well as new fields and lookups, were voted into Data Dictionary 2.1.


The Lookup Resource additions to the Data Dictionary 1.7 specification were approved.

Changes were made to the proposal for Metadata Localization, and the group approved moving forward with producing a specification.

Two implementations of the RESO Common Format proposal have been identified. The group will review the specification and testing rules next.

The draft Add/Edit (RCP-010) proposal has been updated to reflect the changes from the original proposal. One implementation has been validated.

RESO Analytics

The v1.3.0 release for the Certification System contains the following features:

Performance Metrics Improvement – Estimated Seconds per 1,000 Records
Estimated Seconds per 1,000 Records as a large number metric, including industry averages.



Addition of Sort by Time in Endorsements List
Users can now sort by time in the endorsements list.

This will show each endorsement individually rather than grouped because they could have been tested/approved at different times.

Archive Reports Feature
Added the ability to archive reports for providers and admins.

Providers should archive their reports when they have results they no longer want or if they have a customer that they no longer are doing business with. We want them to manage their own customers.

The public feed will be updated automatically if a provider archives their reports, and their “pair” will not be counted as certified for an MLS with only one of the two required endorsements in cases where they only archive one endorsement (e.g. Data Dictionary) and not the other (e.g. Web API).

Notifications will not be sent to the recipient of the endorsement when an item is archived. Just to the provider.

RESO Admins can also archive reports, which is a softer option than Revoke. The provider will be notified if RESO archives an endorsement.

High-level statistics will be saved when reports are archived, as RESO will be offering Provider Metrics in the future, which will allow providers to see whether they’ve improved against their historical averages, including standardization and performance stats.

RESO Public Feeds
A new organization service is available for those wanting the authoritative source for Unique Organization Identifiers (UOIs). It matches the schema of the OUID Resource in the Data Dictionary.

The data reflects current Organization and Endorsements Feeds also used by Certification, and provides a formatted view of high-level statistics as well.

1. Organization Feed
The orgs service shows the data from the production UOI service in JSON format, matching the OUID Resource

2. Orgs Plus Endorsements Feed
Parameters may be passed to show the endorsements for each org as well.

3. Formatted Stats Feed
There is also a service that shows formatted metrics in JSON format.

The response looks like the following:

    Each bucket we certify is represented, as well as an “All” category, showing everything.

    For MLSs to be counted as “Certified Current,” they MUST have approved Data Dictionary and Web API Core Endorsements. As of this afternoon, there are 233 Certified Current MLSs and 184 Passed Current. We should perhaps reach out to the Certified Legacy and Uncertified.

    This information will be the same that drives the map and the other lists on the public RESO site, and a working demo of that can be found here:

    Coming in Certification v1.4.0
    Provider and Market Alignment Tools, including comparisons against Industry Aggregates.

    Those interested in beta testing this product should reach out to


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