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RESO for Brokers

RESO membership includes much of the real estate brokerage world, from the largest organizations to small and independent brokers. Our member organizations create the foundation for a streamlined real estate technology industry.

Every piece of brokerage technology that touches industry data is enhanced through RESO standards. From broker back-office tools to IDX websites, CRMs, apps, CMAs and reporting tools, technology improves and integrates faster when data is standardized. 

Consumers expect a seamless technology experience, and RESO standards allow a broker to deliver it.

Broker Benefits:

  • Shape the future of data-driven tools: RESO membership gives you a seat at the table where decisions are being made that will directly impact your business’s technology
  • Build or buy tools that scale and integrate faster: Through standards, brokers have access to tools that create more efficiency in the office and productivity for agents. Brokers can scale more quickly across markets or grow more quickly within them. 
  • Provide more insights through accurate data: Broker statistical tools and agent collaboration tools can provide broader and more insightful reports through seamless, standardized data.
  • Understand technology’s path for strategic planning: Technology is a critical component of a brokerage’s future, and RESO members can find a competitive advantage through understanding what’s coming next.
  • Network with the industry’s technology leaders: RESO members include the best and brightest minds in real estate. Through conferences and meetings, members build trust and support one another through a shared commitment to technology leadership.


You can become a member of RESO by completing the online application.

Events and Meetings

  • Spring Technology Summit and Fall Conference: RESO’s conferences are known for being highly collaborative and fun. Members enjoy the featured speakers, presentations, and engage in working group meetings. While real work gets done at RESO conferences, they’re also well-loved for the lively receptions, dinners, the famed bloody mary bar, and maybe even some karaoke.
  • Workgroup meetings: RESO gives participants the unique opportunity to become involved in online and in-person meetings which serve as our incubators for innovation. There are many workgroups open to new members. Click here for a list of all current active workgroups.
  • Member pricing benefits: RESO members receive discounted registration fees for RESO events. Members also enjoy free certification.

Learn more about workgroups.

Learn more about events.