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RESO Best Practices

Welcome to RESO Best Practices for the Real Estate Industry. RESO Best Practice Guides are documents created by the RESO Membership Community alongside of RESO Standards development to help the industry manage business needs and challenges surrounding the real estate industry and underlying real estate data. RESO Best Practices are methods or techniques that are accepted as the preferred proven method for addressing industry needs surrounding each individual best practice subject matter. Best Practices are just that, recommended solutions and are not to be confused with official RESO Standards (i.e. RESO Web API and RESO Data Dictionary). MLSs that are REALTOR owned and/or affiliated must adopt RESO Standards per the National Association of Realtors MLS Policy Mandate 7.90. Compliance with the policy can be demonstrated through official RESO Certification. RESO Best Practices are outside of the N.A.R. Standards adoption mandate and are designed to help the industry in addition to RESO Standards.

CMLS MLS Best Practices

In addition to RESO Best Practices, the Council of MLS also develops industry wide MLS Best Practices to aid MLSs in the MLS Management role and includes best practices surrounding Marketing, Customer Support, Technology including MLS Data Management, Human Resources, Financial and Leadership.

CMLS MLS Best Practice Guides

Best Practice for Extracting Technical MLS Business Rules in Structured English

The industry wide need for a standard notation for documenting and communicating MLS Real Estate Business Rules was recognized by RESO several years ago. However, a viable standard practice in how to do so has been elusive until now. This best practices method provides an MLS the ability to extract their MLS business rules from the MLS system into a structured english format that is easy to read and understand by staff.

This document provides a best practices method of a standard notation for extracting technical business rules often located within the MLS Software System out in a human consumable manner titled the Real Estate Business Rule (REBR) notation. Starting with the “Structured English” notation provided by RuleSpeak, REBR was formulated as an equivalent notation. REBR uses a predictable, parseable syntax, for clearly and unambiguously specifying several real estate business rules. Just six of these REBRs, including fewer than a total of twenty syntactic variants, are sufficient to fully specify almost all of the business rules governing input of listing data for most MLSs.

Download the REBR Reference Manual

User Federation Best Practice for the Real Estate Industry

The User Federation Best Practice for the Real Estate Industry that was created with the input of members of the RESO Research & Development Workgroup and the RESO Transport Web API Workgroup has just been released. The Board of Directors reviewed this publication on June 19th, 2018 and approved the ratification of the Universal Federation Best Practices to be passed. Possessing this collection of best practices for User Federation will improve interoperability between systems and applications.

Download User Federation Best Practice for the Real Estate Industry


Please note that a ‘best-practice’ standard guide is a recommendation from RESO but it is not considered mandatory to be RESO compliant.

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