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Distributed Ledger Workgroup

Business Intelligence, timeliness and efficiency are important to MLS participants.  Whereas the RESO Web API provides a signaling mechanism and the RESO Data Dictionary provides elemental definition, lifecycle events allow information to be consumed in a more natural form.  The purpose of the RESO Distributed Ledger Workgroup is to identify and document property lifecycle events. These events could be recorded in a distributed ledger by the industry participants to support accountability, provide instant notifications and identify rules/patterns that are valuable to real estate professionals. The catalog will use RESO Data Dictionary fields wherever possible and utilizes the RESO Web API wherever possible. The Workgroup will work closely with other RESO workgroups to maintain alignment with their work.

Distributed Ledger Workgroup Chair – Mark Lesswing

Mark Lesswing is currently Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of the National Association of REALTORS and has been since July 2006 to present. Prior to that he was the Vice Present, Center for REALTOR Technology for NAR from September 2001 to July 2006.

Education: Lehigh University and obtained a BSIE, Industrial Engineering.

Having grown up in Buffalo, New York, Lesswing also has lived in New York City and San Francisco. Currently he resides in Chicago with his wife, Susannah, and their three children.

Chief Technology Officer & Senior Vice President | Information Technology

430 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL

Email: mlesswing@realtors.org
Office: 312.329.8273

DLU June 19th, 2018