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Technology Experts Information

What RESO Means to a Technology Expert

RESO standards dictate common interfaces to many data sources. Essentially, your applications can easily scale to include integration with many real estate systems without creating custom code to manage the transport or different data sets. This also means your application can be built independent of a specific Real Estate Market/Demographic, therefore giving you the ability to work with a wider audience.

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Getting Started

The best way to get started with RESO standards is to read the different specification documents (see below).  Most Technology Experts will be writing client applications in which case you will need access to a MLS system to acquire data.  Please contact the MLS directly to secure login credentials and background information as RESO does not own or distribute any data.

RESO Standards and Systems

  • Data Dictionary – Standardizes most common fields on attributes such as Field Names, Data Types, Definition, etc. Read more on the Data Dictionary here.
  • RETS 1x Transport – Legacy transport (currently being deprecated) used by over 500 MLS.  Read more on the RETS 1x standard here.
  • Web API Transport – New RESTful API, which is replacing the RETS 1x Transport, geared with a modern interface including mobile devices.  Read more on the Web API Transport standard here.
  • Universal Property ID – The Universal Property Identifier (UPI) is composed of information in its attributes, generally already available as a standard. These attributes are represented hierarchically to enforce uniqueness and a general structure of increasing focus. Read more on the Universal Property ID standard here.
  • Certification – Verify Compliance with RESO Standards. Read more on the RESO Certification here.

*** RESO standards are free to use and in the public domain.

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DLU July 19th, 2018