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RESO is a standards organization who collaborates with real estate professions and underlying real estate companies including MLSs, Technology Partners, Associations, brokerages, brokers and agents to develop standards for transmitting and defining data details for real estate data across the U.S. which are also used in certain areas of Canada.  We are the official standards body for the residential real estate industry.  We are aware that many other countries are utilizing RESO transport and data dictionary standards outside of the U.S. and Canada.

RESO’s work product is the actual technical standards and each Association of Realtors / Multiple Listing Service contracts with their specific technology vendor to implement products based upon the standards or implements them with their own internal staff.  MLSs then individually provide data via RESO Standards out to brokers, agents and technology partners.  There are over 700 MLSs in the U.S. and each provides data feeds from their respective MLS/Local Market Area.  RESO doesn’t provide any direct data feeds or sell an API, only setting standards in which MLSs implement to provide the actual data feeds.  The local MLS typically provides RETS and API access to it’s respective technology partners in the RESO Data Dictionary Format.

For RESO specific technical support, please contact RESO Staff at or 919.459.2070.

Additionally, for any questions, comments or concerns please direct them to RESO Headquarters.

DLU October 13th, 2016