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Marketing RESO: A Team Effort

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Today, over one million real estate professionals are served by MLS data that has been certified by RESO on the Data Dictionary and the Web API. MLSs, by and large, embrace RESO and help in marketing its efforts to the industry.

Hilton Head MLS is one organization leading the way for more understanding of RESO’s benefits to the industry:

While these RESO compliant feeds are available to brokers and technology partners, they’re not always the default offering from an MLS. Data customers often need to specifically ask for a RESO certified feed to receive one. 

Educating the industry about why RESO data is critical requires educating brokers and technology partners on why standardized data allows them to build tools faster, at lower costs, and with easier integrations with their other tools. 

To truly gain the seamless technology experience brokers want–broker, agent, consumer, and MLS tools integrating and talking to one another as they do on a modern smartphone–the story of RESO’s value is one we all need to share.

Marketing Toolkit Information

RESO offers our Marketing Toolkit to RESO members to make it easy for you to promote the value of RESO to brokers and their technology companies. The toolkit comes complete with promotional content, webinars, banner ads, presentations, logos and other elements designed to help you promote the availability of RESO data feeds in your local market. 

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Additional Resources

Marilyn Wilson of WAV Group’s talk at the RESO Spring Technology Summit details how you can utilize all of the tools in your Marketing Toolkit to maximize the use of RESO standards.

The RESO YouTube Channel has a wide range of video content you can share, including interviews, workshops, webinars and more. A few top video picks:


More Information

If you’d like to help your marketing department get started in marketing the benefits of RESO, please contact and we will be happy to help!