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RESO Marketing Toolkit

RESO is offering a Marketing Toolkit to valued RESO members. The toolkit comes complete with promotional content, webinars, banner ads, presentations, logos and other elements designed to help you promote the availability of RESO data feeds in your local market. We would like to encourage every MLS, Broker and Technology Company to take advantage of these FREE marketing resources to help increase utilization of RESO certified data.

Click HERE to view a presentation on utilizing all of the tools in your Marketing Toolkit to maximize the use of RESO standards delivered by the WAV Group at the 2017 RESO Technology Summit.


Don’t want to wait for your Toolkit to get going? Visit our YouTube Page where you can find interviews, workshops, webinars and more that you can start watching NOW!

Below are a few top video picks, just click on your area(s) of interest:

FOR MLS                       FOR BROKERS                     FOR TECHNOLOGY COMPANIES/TECHNICAL LEADS                             

Sign up for the FREE Marketing Toolkit HERE

Simply click on this link and complete the short questionnaire.

Once you complete the questions, RESO will reach out and work with you to provide you with the marketing materials that will be valuable in your local efforts to build adoption and usage of RESO data.

Thank you for your continued support of RESO and the work we are doing on behalf of the Real Estate industry.

If you have any questions please contact Marketing@reso.org.

DLU July 18th, 2018