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Welcome to the Remote Encore “Standards Collection” Record Store!

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon (Released 8/21/20)

We purposefully flipped the prism. Rainbow of Ideas + RESO = Singularly Focused, Beautiful Standards! 

All the cool kids are going and #FOMO is the worst, so join #UsAndThem for #RESOremote Encore!



The Beatles – Abbey Road (Released 8/26/20)

It just so happens that John, Paul, George, and Ringo are wearing the exact four colors that RESO logos are available in! 

So, #ComeTogether with us for #RESOremote Encore!




Taylor Swift – 1989 (Released 9/2/20)

We celebrate making waves and writing classics that will never go out of style by substituting Miss Swift’s birth year (1989) for RESO’s year of incorporation (2011). 

Fill your calendar’s #BlankSpace and join us for #RESOremote Encore. Avoid jealousy-induced #BadBlood with other attendees, instead #ShakeItOff and register!




Queen – Queen II (Released 9/4/20)

The numeric title parallels with the fact that this will be our second #RESORemote event and we even have Freddie joining in on the #RockYourRESO fun!

Don’t be the #LoserInTheEnd and miss out on a rockin’ #RESOremote Encore!




The Rolling Stones – Forty Licks (Released 9/10/20)

It’s all about that iconic mouth. We changed up some wording, added a tasteful tongue tattoo, and voila! 

#YouCantAlwaysGetWhatYouWant but you CAN get conference #Satisfaction from #RESOremote Encore!





And From Our Sponsors…


Bachman -Turner Overdive – Four Wheel Drive

dynaConnections is a Gold level sponsor for #RESOremote Encore’s “Takin’ Care of Business” (Business Track) featuring RESO Today, Commercial RE panel, Demos of new Certification tools, Roundtables, & Workgroup Meetings.





Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

The #Rumours are true, Compass will be sponsoring a Roundtable session at #RESOremote Encore! #DontGoYourOwnWay and get the #SecondHandNews version of all the hot topic conversations that will be held during these roundtables – make sure you’re registered and get ready to join in!







All original album artwork is the property of the rights holders, and derivative artwork created from the source material is used reverentially for entertainment purposes by the Real Estate Standards Organization, a not-for-profit trade organization. Images used are not endorsed by the artists, nor do the artists represent any connection with RESO.



DLU September 29th, 2020