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RESO closed 2023 on a high note, certifying the first RESO Web API Add/Edit standards recipients. The group includes leading MLS and brokerage technology companies, the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY), Perchwell and Realtyna.

RESO’s Web API standard is already broadly utilized to send data from a data provider (typically an MLS) to a data consumer (typically a broker or their vendor). If agreed upon by all parties, the newly ratified Web API Add/Edit standard can also be used to publish data back from the broker or another vendor to the MLS.

Leading Add/Edit companiesREBNY and its technology vendor Perchwell were the first companies to be certified for implementing full-listing Add/Edit. NYC brokers and their vendors have their own listing interfaces that integrate with REBNY’s Residential Listing Service (RLS).

Companies like RESO members Lofty, RealPlus and RESoft send their brokers’ listings directly into the Add/Edit-equipped RLS. Allowing brokers to use whichever apps or systems work best for them to update RLS data greatly enhances product choice and competition.

Realtyna is also a part of the first wave of technology companies certified on RESO Add/Edit. As a US based company with international reach, this development reinforces the RESO mantra of a universal technology language: real estate is local, but technology is global.

The industry has long asked for this ability to use a “front end of choice” in their day-to-day operations. The Add/Edit standard gives brokers the opportunity to use their own front end interface to update the MLS’s back end data using the MLS’s rules.

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RESO Web API Add/Edit (RCP-010)
The Web API Add/Edit endorsement defines how to create, update or delete data via the RESO Web API. It also includes standard error message responses so interactive clients can inform users how to correct issues.

RESO Validation Expressions for Add/Edit Rules (RCP-019)
Validation expressions add a layer of localized knowledge for those updating records when pre-addressing the many business rules an MLS might have in place. Straightforward rules, such as “list price must be greater than zero” can be understood through this machine-executable language.


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