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MLS Marketing

Help your Brokers Improve their Marketing with RESO Standards

MLSs have done a great job of embracing the Real Estate Standards Organization and the RESO Data Dictionary and RESO Web API. Today, 93% of all REALTORS® in America work with MLSs that are RESO Certified.

RESO volunteers have worked tirelessly for years to get us to this stage. MLSs have done the hard work to make RESO data available to their members and technology partners.

We’re on the cusp of greatness with RESO. While just about every broker in America can leverage RESO standards on their website, CRM and other marketing solutions now, very few are aware of its presence. Even fewer understand the inherent value of a consistent set of fields across every MLS in America and how that will make it a lot easier for innovative products to launch in even the smallest areas.

It is incumbent upon all of us to promote the advantages and availability of RESO data so that technology companies and brokers can take advantage of this powerful data standards resource.

RESO has developed a toolkit your MLS can use to help promote your involvement in RESO and the value your organization places on standards. Please click here to request the toolkit.

DLU March 9th, 2018