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Sunday, October 23

6:00-7:30 – Board of Directors Meeting (Private)

7:30-9:00 – Board of Directors and Workgroup Chair Meeting (Private)

Monday, October 24

8:00-5:00 - Registration

Room: West Ballroom Foyer

8:00-9:00 - Coffee & Bagels

Room: West Ballroom

9:00-9:30 - Introduction to Workgroups

Speaker: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

Session Description: Is this your first RESO Onsite Workgroup Meeting? Jeremy Crawford will provide an introductory overview of the Workgroup process and detail each Workgroup’s onsite agenda to help you get up to speed and select the Workgroups you would like to attend and prepare you in advance for the day’s Workgroup Topics.

Room: West Ballroom

9:30-10:30 - Payloads Workgroup

Workgroup Chair: Rick Trevino, IT Director, MetroList

Workgroup Description: Real Estate Data is typically delivered as a package comprised of a set of data for a specific business need. The RESO Data Dictionary defines all the fields (and their specific characteristics) available to be included in a payload. The Payloads Workgroup purpose is to define Payload Categories based upon Real Estate Industry business need and which fields are to be included in each Payload Category as specified within the RESO Data Dictionary.

Room: Ryman Room

9:30-10:30 - PUID Workgroup

Workgroup Chair: Mark Bessett, Enterprise Architect, ARMLS

Workgroup Description: PUID will review and build from efforts from the U.S. government, public records industry and other data standards organizations to build the “definitive” standard for the Universal Property Identifier to be used by the real estate industry. The benefits of a Universal Property Identifier include: easier identification of parcels across market boundaries, unification of public records from multiple sources in one display, faster updates to physical property characteristics.

Room: NCC 206

10:30-12:00 - Data Dictionary Workgroup Meeting

Workgroup Chair: Rob Larson, CIO, CRMLS

Workgroup Description: Join the Data Dictionary Workgroup to participate in the on-going growth of the dictionary.  This hands-on interactive session will review the current recommendations for the Dictionary.  It’s your chance to see how the workgroup functions and participate in the action!

Room: Music City Ballroom

10:30-12:00 - Internet Tracking Workgroup Meeting

Workgroup Chair: Chris Lambrou, MRIS

Workgroup Description: Internet Tracking data is a key component for any modern day data set. No longer is having the data secure and readily available enough. True analytics that show value are now expected and commonplace in the software industry. This workgroup would propose a recommended standard for tracking RETS vendor activity, including the MLS listing.

Room: NCC 206

12:00-1:00 – Lunch

1:00-2:00 - R&D Workgroup Meeting

Workgroup Chair: Greg Moore, VP Technical Systems, RMLS

Workgroup Description: The purpose of the RESO Research and Development workgroup is to solicit and review submitted business cases from the real estate community and identify how RESO can contribute to the benefit of that business process.

Room: Music City Ballroom

1:00-2:30 - Transport Workgroup Meeting

Workgroup Chair: Scott Petronis, Chief Product Officer, Onboard Informatics

Workgroup Description: The mission of the Transport workgroup is to provide technical processes for analyzing extensions to transport methods in current and future versions of the RETS specification.

Room: NCC 206

2:00-2:30 - Taking Your Brokerage to the Next Level Using RESO Standards

Speaker: Marilyn Wilson Lund

Session Description: In this important introductory session, WAV Group partner Marilyn Wilson will help the audience understand the role and value that RESO Can play in helping a brokerage expand into new markets, differentiate its technology offerings and test out exciting new programs. The discussion will also demonstrate how RESO can help brokerages and technology companies save time and money on data aggregation and normalization.

Room: West Ballroom

2:30-5:15 - Show N Tell
Learn More about Show N Tell

Speakers: Various Companies, check out the Show N Tell page for full list!

Sponsor: Realtors Property Resource LLC

Room: West Ballroom

5:30-6:30 - Welcome Reception

 Location: Renaissance Hotel’s “The Bridge” 

6:30-10:30 - Pub Crawl


Location: Three Downtown Nashville Bars (The Valentine, Tin Roof, and Bootleggers Inn )

Please note: Only the events found on the RESO Agenda are official conference events.

Tuesday, October 25

7:30-5:00 – Registration

7:30-8:30 – Breakfast

8:30-8:40 - RESO Conference Kickoff

Speakers: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

Session Description: Jeremy Crawford opens the official Conference Session after an exciting day of Workgroup Meetings and the RESO ShowNTell Competition. Come hear the agenda highlights as well as industry highlights on the implementation status of the RESO Data Dictionary and the RESO Web API

Room: West Ballroom

8:40-9:00 - RESO's Strategic Positioning and Role in the Real Estate Industry

Speakers: Art Carter, CEO, CRMLS

Session Description: Hear RESO’s Chair Art Carter highlight RESO’s Strategic Objectives and how they align with the Brokers’ need for Data Standards and consistent data feeds across market areas. Understand the details on the standardized RESO Broker Reciprocity IDX Data Feed, certification requirements and an overview of RESO’s working relationship with N.A.R., the N.A.R. MLS Policy Committee, and Industry Leaders across all organizations in the Industry

Room: West Ballroom

9:00-9:20 - An Enormously Complex Simplicity: A look into listing data aggregation

Speaker: Shaun York, Executive Director of Technology,

Session Description: Please join us for an inside look at how manages over  800 nationwide listing sources. We’ll dive into the operations, performance metrics, and how we make key decisions on enhancements and delivery. We’ll finish with some excitement brewing around current RESO initiatives.

Room: West Ballroom

9:25-10:10 - Forces of change on real estate operations - What technology-enabled trends will change business fundamentals in real estate brokerage and agency over the next five years? The next decade?

Moderator: Eric Bryn, Digital Marketing Analyst and Strategic Consultant, Eric Bryn Consulting

Panelists: Matt Cohen, Clareity Consulting; Chad Curry, CRT Labs; Charlie Willits, Watson Realty Corp

Session Description: What’s the potential impact of AI, iOT, and algorithmic business systems on brokerages, consumers, and MLS operations? A panel of top real estate brokerage and MLS CIOs and CMOs will address these issues and others in an engaging, thought-provoking, and perhaps controversial session.

Room: West Ballroom

10:10-10:25 – Break

10:25-11:10 - Upstream- How it REALLY Works!

Speaker: Alex Lange, President and CEO, UpstreamRE

Session Description: Upstream cross references a broad set of real estate data extending beyond listings. It creates a single entry point and seeks to eliminate duplicative data entry costs. Upstream then gives brokers full control to distribute their data simply and efficiently. Every day, the same listing is entered into multiple MLSs, portals, real estate tools, back office accounting systems, etc. Upstream gives brokers the technology leverage required to manage their data assets and free up resources to innovate and serve their customers.

Room: West Ballroom

11:15-11:45 - Beyond the API

Speaker: Curt Beardsley, VP Industry Development, Zillow Group

Session Description: Join Curt as he discusses how Zillow Group is using technology to solve the real problems of today.  He will cover the importance and benefits of making data easy to access, and Zillow Group’s commitment to doing so through APIs via the offerings from Retsly and Bridge, as well as APIs for reporting.

Room: West Ballroom


11:45-12:25 - The Value Proposition of the RESO Data Dictionary Then, Now, and Beyond - The Future of Standards

Speaker: Rob Larson, CIO, CRMLS

Session Description: The RESO Data Dictionary has two simplified core purposes.  First is to serve as the means to standardize the data shared via a RESO certified data source.  Second is to serve as a guideline for the fields and pick lists in the MLS.  Join Rob as we review our progress with version 1.6 of the Dictionary; take a look back at the successes of the Dictionary; look to the future of the Dictionary; and the value of the two uses of the dictionary.

Room: West Ballroom

12:25-12:30 - RESO Show N Tell Best in Show

Come hear from Rob Overman the details of the Show N Tell Competition and who walks away with best in show!

Room: West Ballroom

12:30-1:30 – Lunch

1:30-2:15 - Business Track: How do MLSs (brokerage firms, vendors?) manage costs for data feeds?

Moderator: Doug Powers, CTO, RealTracs

Panelists: Kristin Youngk, Boomtown, Paul Fleurdelys. Redfn, Bob Kimpland, Garden State MLS, Melissa King, My Florida MLS,

Session Description: How do MLSs (brokerage firms, vendors?) manage costs for data feeds? These costs include legal, compliance, developers, support, hardware, bandwidth and RESO involvement/compliance. What are the best practices for managing the demand?

Room: West Ballroom


1:30-1:50 - Technical Track: Towards RESO Standard Real Estate Developer Platform for MLS and Brokerages

Speaker: Dr. Umesh Harigopal and Matt Kumar.

Session Description: We are at a tipping point in Real Estate Tech as developer platform requirements span big data and insights and the ability to rapidly create new apps of high value to agents, appraisers, lenders and Wall Street. Where do we go next as our ecosystem matures with RESO Data Dictionary and WebAPIs? What is the role of AI and Machine Learning? How
can the RE ecosystem benefit fully from these? Join this interactive session to explore possibilities.

Room: Music City Ballroom


1:50-2:15 - Technical Track: From Propensity to Sell and price predictions to Cognitive recommendations using Real Estate standard Ontology

Speaker: Dr Umesh Harigopal and Matt Kumar.

Session Description: Decision making will never be the same again. Figuring out Propensity to
Sell is hard. Meaningful price trends and predictions require lot of data and a solid platoon of dynamic models that can learn continuously and take into account macro and micro patterns. Imagine a Real Estate standard ontology that can help overcome vocabulary and semantics barriers and power cognitive bots who can advise and influence decision making. We will share our experiences and roadmap in this session.

Room: Music City Ballroom

2:15-2:45 - Business Track: Who can get Data and Why

Speaker: Mitch Skinner, RESO Counsel, Larson Skinner, PLLC

Session Description: Skinner lifts the curtain on typical MLS data use policies. He will discuss the basic questions a typical MLS will answer when it receives a request for listing data. He will also run through basic scenarios to show how the questions apply to different types of data uses.

Room: West Ballroom

2:15-2:45 - Technical Track: Building and integrating real estate services using RESO API and OpenID Connect

Speaker: Ashish Antal, MLSListings

Session Description: The recently adopted OData and OpenID standards are providing new opportunities to real estate software startups. OpenID is very much desired when user consent is required (mostly by integrated services) to exchange user data, Aculist Inc will demonstrate how OpenID, OData and JWTs are connecting software vendors, MLSs and associations.

Aculist Inc. provides business intelligence services and uses OpenID Connect to identify its users via trusted sources. Identity Providers (e.g. National Association of Realtors and MLSListings Inc) lets Aculist identify and offer targeted services to its users. Aculist BI service connects with MLSListings’ OData APIs, gathers listings information, integrates with SmartZip APIs and provides new business opportunities to its users in real time.

Aculist and MLSListings are on a quest to tear down the walls around the walled gardens. OpenID Connect also allows the two vendors to obtain user consent and exchange user profile data in order to provide a seamless integration. This provides a frictionless environment for users to easily click through and gain access to services without having to re-enter information they already have on the originating system.

Room: Music City Ballroom

2:45-3:15 - Technical Track: OpenID Connect: Benefits, Implementation, and Q&A

Speaker: Eugenio Pace, Founder of Auth0

Session Description: Join Auth0 for a dialogue on the benefits and key implementation steps for OpenID Connect.  This will be an interactive Q&A, so please bring your questions about identity and OpenID Connect.

Room: Music City Ballroom

2:45-3:15 - Business Track: The Council of MLS and MLS Best Practices Surrounding Data Management

Moderator: Denee Evans

Panelists: Ethan Bailey, Sr Director, Software Engineering, CoreLogic and Tim Dain, MLS Director Austin Board of REALTORS® 

Session Description: Join a Panel Discussion lead by Denee Evans and Data Management Industry Leaders Ethan Bailey and Tim Dain providing an overview of the CMLS MLS Best Practices and a Deep Dive Discussion on Data Management Best Practices including the latest enhancements provided by the RESO Research and Development workgroup and updated by the Technology Section Council of CMLS.

Room: West Ballroom

3:15-3:25: Break

3:25-4:10 - Technical track: The RESO Data Dictionary in a true Schema utilizing Protege

Speakers: Chime Ogbuji, CTO, Property Panorama

Session Description: An ontology is a computational artifact used to describe a conceptualization of some part of the world via precise, descriptive statements.  In this presentation, we discuss the features of the W3C’s Ontology Web Language (OWL) and how it can be used to reduce ambiguity in the semantics (i.e., the meaning) of Data Dictionary terminology.

Room: Music City Ballroom


3:25-4:10 - Business Track: MoxiWorks: A CEO presention on Brokerage Data Flows, integration with RESO Standards and supporting of industry initiatives such as Upstream

Speaker: York Baur, Chief Executive Officer, Moxi Works:  Powering Windermere Real Estate

Session Description: Learn how the largest and most successful brokers in the country are tackling the challenges of data to create a competitive advantage. This session will focus on practical advice for brokers on how to put the right data platform in place now, while future-proofing your business for the coming changes.

Room: West Ballroom


4:10-4:40 - Business Track: The Vast World of Data Use for Broker Operations at Redfin

Speaker: Tom Weiss-Lehman Data Production Specialist RedFin

Session Description: Many see Redfin as an online portal with listings being advertised powered through MLS datafeeds, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of data use to run a successful brokerage! Come learn all of the deep detailed areas in which RedFin uses data across all aspects of the brokerage operations.

Room: West Ballroom

4:10-4:40 - Technical Track: RESO Open Source Data Dictionary Certification Platform Revealed

Speaker: Gregory Lemon, Certification Project Manager, RESO

Session Description: Come learn from RESO Certification Expert, Greg Lemon, on how RESO Staff performs Data Dictionary Certification testing. You too can use the free, open source tool in advance of official Certification Testing. Benefits include learning how to discover and solve Data Dictionary issues and speeding up development times by self-testing pre-poduction servers.

4:40-5:10 - Optional RESO Workgroup Platform Training Session: New to using RESO's Confluence Workgroup Platform and/or the RESO Data Dictionary Wiki?

Speaker: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

Session Description: Come learn how to use the Confluence Collaboration System, the online workspace for RESO Standards creation and management through volunteer workgroups. In addition, the Data Dictionary Workgroup now uses the RESO Data Dictionary Wiki for new development, come learn all of the new features and how to submit ideas for data dictionary expansion. Feel free to bring your laptop and follow along!

 Room: Music City Ballroom

6:00-10:00 - Reception

Host: Zillow Group

Location: Crazy Town
308 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201

Drinks & Appetizers will be served


Wednesday, October 26

8:00-12:00 – Registration

8:00-9:00 – Breakfast

8:30 - 8:40 - Day 3 Welcome and Overview

Speakers: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

Room: West Ballroom

8:40-9:10 - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Lessons from Joining 46 MLSs in 80 Months

Speaker: Glenn Phillips, CEO, Lake Homes

Session Description: Multi-state brokerage Lake Homes Realty ( is one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in the country. As they’ve grown, LHR has joined 46 MLS across ten states in less than four years. With their own in-house technology team, the firm has a very unique vantage point for MLS attitudes, real estate data, and the state of standards.

Room: West Ballroom

9:15-9:45 - Trestle with RESO Standards

Speaker: Ethan Bailey, Sr. Director, Software Engineering, CoreLogic

Session Description: Coming Soon!

Room: West Ballroom

9:45-10:05 - Creating a Schema.Org Extension for Real Estate Data based upon RESO Standards

Speaker: Dave Duran, Yo Data

Session Description: Coming Soon!

Room: West Ballroom

10:05-10:45 - Implementing the RESO Web API: Challenges and Lessons Learned

Moderator: Scott Petronis

Panelists: Demian Quinonez, CRMLS, Ashish Antal, MLSListings, John Kennedy, dynaConnections

Session Description: Hear from industry experts discuss OpenID Connect, OData, and Query Support Requirements from those who have implemented the RESO Web API Server Specification and been awarded the RESO Web API Server Certification.

Room: West Ballroom

10:45-11:00 – Break

11:00-11:15 - User Federation: A proposed process which can work with both SAML and OpenID Connect Protocols through the idea of a Relying Party Proxy (RPP)

Speaker: Paul Hethmon, Chief Software Architect, Clareity Security, LLC

Session Description: Coming Soon!

11:15-11:30 - The Final Planned Version of the RETS Specification

Speaker: Matthew McGuire, Senior Software Engineer, CoreLogic Inc.

Session Description: Come learn about the latest RETS Specification, Version 1.9 scheduled for completion by the end of 2016 covering the included Request For Change Proposals and what you need to know regarding the implementation details

11:30-12:00 - Managing RESO Web API through FBS Spark Platform

Speaker: Michael Wurzer, President and CEO, FBS

Session Description: Michael Wurzer will give a brief demo of the Spark Platform administrative module showing how MLSs can control RESO Web API access, permissions, licensing, and more.

Room: West Ballroom

12:00-12:05 - Closing Remarks

Speaker: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO

Room: West Ballroom