Certification for Technology Partners


RESO Certification will test programs and platforms for conformance to RESO Standards. Please read entire page before applying for certification.

Certificates awarded by RESO may be viewed at https://www.reso.org/certificates.

Certification Overview

There are many steps applications follow through certification:

1: Application Verification: RESO reviews the application and verifies the information. The Trademark Agreement document is to be signed and returned.
2: Compliance Testing: RESO runs the appropriate tests for the platform or conducts a Client Review Session.
3a: Certification Delivery: Certificates are provided to Applicants whose programs and platforms meet the required standards.
3b: Troubleshooting: RESO will troubleshoot issues with those who do not qualify for a certificate.

RESO Certification Trademark Agreements

The RESO Trademark Agreement are emailed to applicants after their application is approved. The Trademark agreement will allow applicants that have earned a certificate to advertise as such using the RESO official logos and badges. RESO utilizes DocuSign to provide electronic signature convenience for signing the RESO Trademark Agreement.  A physical copy of the agreement can also be printed and signed if the organization would like to do so returned via emailed to certification@reso.org.

Important Data Dictionary Information

Standard Component Instructions Rules
Data Dictionary 1.6 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Overview v1.6.0 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Testing Rules v1.6.1
Data Dictionary 1.7 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Overview v1.7 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Testing Rules v1.7

Important Web API Information

Standard Component Specification Rules
WEB API 1.0.2 RESO Web API Version 1.0.2 RESO Web API Server Testing Rules v1.0.2.1
WEB API 1.0.3 RESO Web API v1.0.3 RESO Web API Server Certification Testing Rules v1.0.3

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