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Certification for Technology Partners

RESO certifies technology systems to ensure that they comply with RESO’s open standards. Technology vendors, brokerages and MLSs can certify their systems on the RESO Data Dictionary and RESO Web API.

RESO Data Dictionary Certification

The RESO Data Dictionary is the real estate industry’s universal language for data. It allows a wide range of systems to talk to each other in a seamless manner.

With hundreds of MLSs, thousands of brokerages and just as many technology partners in the real estate industry, a common language for data is essential. The RESO Data Dictionary provides an industry-approved set of thousands of data fields and details that ensure that all technology vendors can access standardized data across marketplaces.

Data Dictionary certification tests technology systems to confirm that the fields, enumerations and data format are in compliance with the standard.

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RESO Web API Certification

The RESO Web API is the modern way to transfer data in the real estate industry. It is built on well-known, open technology standards so that any technology company can use it to deliver or receive data quickly and efficiently.

RESO Web API certification ensures that technology systems can process requests from other systems and deliver responses in a standardized fashion. The common language used is a well-known, open standard called OData, and it allows technology developers to interact with real estate systems in a way that’s well understood in any industry: RESTful requests and responses. This creates a foundation for faster innovation at a lower cost, and allows technology vendors to meet a wider range of clients’ needs.

Certification of RESO Web API servers involves running these standardized requests on an applicant’s server and ensuring that they are processed correctly while returning data in the correct, standardized format.

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RESO Certified Organizations

Benefits of Certification

There are many benefits to complying and certifying on the standards:

  • Fewer errors: The Data Dictionary provides simplified data integration, which means data can move between systems without losing information.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Data translation costs are reduced. You’ll be receiving fewer calls from your customers to fix data issues.
  • Faster innovation, quicker iteration: By creating common standards, the need for your customers to create complex workarounds is eliminated. There is more time to focus on cutting-edge technology improvements for them.
  • Staying current, relevant: RESO’s mission is to help streamline the real estate industry’s technology. Getting certified allows you to focus on customer technology needs today and in the future.

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