Certification for Brokerages

Incorporating MLS data into your back office solutions, website and other tools is not an easy task. Because every MLS includes slightly different fields and information in their IDX feed, your team and technology partners have to spend significant resources to ingest information and then find a way to normalize it so it can display on your website. It gets even more complicated in you operate in more than one MLS region. This work is not easy. It takes time and money away from technology, tools and marketing programs to help your agents be more successful. One set of consistent fields that every vendor in every market will make managing your brokerage a WHOLE lot easier.

The Real Estate Standards Organization was formed to create industry-wide data standards to help make it easier to leverage real estate information to directly benefit your brokerage. Every real estate brokerage technology that interfaces with MLS data – your IDX websites, your apps, your marketing technology, your CRM — all benefit from the efforts of RESO. The RESO Certification Program is the real estate industry’s seal of data excellence as it ensures that MLSs, Technology Vendors and Brokerages have correctly implemented RESO data standards. The Certification process allows the self-testing of programs and platforms for compliance with RESO Standards. For real estate brokers, industry data standardization can help reduce future technology costs and speed up your ability o expand into new markets.

Currently, RESO is focused on the mandate by the National Association of REALTORS® that every NAR affiliated MLS adopt the Data Dictionary by January 1, 2016. While only MLSs are certified for the Data Dictionary, understanding the importance of Certification to insure successful deployment can help brokers promote locally the adoption of new standards by their MLSs. Contact Certification@reso.org or 919.504.6233 with questions.

Important Data Dictionary Information

Standard Component Instructions Rules
Data Dictionary 1.6 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Overview v1.6.0 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Testing Rules v1.6.1
Data Dictionary 1.7 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Overview v1.7 RESO Data Dictionary Certification Testing Rules v1.7

Important Web API Information

Standard Component Specification Rules
WEB API 1.0.2 RESO Web API Version 1.0.2 RESO Web API Server Testing Rules v1.0.2.1
WEB API 1.0.3 RESO Web API v1.0.3 RESO Web API Server Certification Testing Rules v1.0.3

Benefits of Certification

Reliable, Dependable Data – RESO Certification provides independ-ent validation that your local MLS system’s functions and technology platforms utilizing MLS data meet or exceed professional industry-wide standards. That ensures that the data deployed is more reliable and dependable. Because real estate brokerages often share similar challenges in dealing with MLS data, the adoption of RESO data standards can alleviate these issues and why your brokerage’s support is crucial.

More opportunities to expand into new markets – One continuing challenge for brokerages to expand into a new market is the inconsistent data among different MLSs that serve the potential new market targeted for expansion. Implementation of RESO Standards helps address this challenge and RESO’s successful efforts will make expansion opportunities less difficult for brokerages in the future.

Faster innovation and more rapid iteration – Technology firms, particularly start-ups, have been hamstrung by the lack of data standards among MLSs nationwide. By supporting RESO Certification at the local level and advocating for adoption with your local MLS and technology vendors, brokerages can help foster both faster innovation – because of reduced development time – and more rapid iteration of new improvements to existing brokerage and agent software as common data standards will create faster development cycles.

Help Shape the future – Through supporting RESO Certification, your brokerage will have an opportunity to help shape how future standards impact real estate overall as well as how they directly impact your brokerage operation.

Certification Report Card and Testing Transparency – Certification applicants receive a detailed report outlining areas passed and where changes need to be implemented to receive certification.

Better Risk Management – Because the real estate information your MLS distributes matches industry accepted definitions and structures, this will mean fewer errors and reduced risk. The data RESO Certified MLSs provides your brokerage benefits you, your agents and your customers.

Promote your support for Standards – By joining RESO, your brokerage can help promote the importance of data standards and make significant contributions to making sure your voice is heard when these new standards are shaped to make sure they consider the unique needs of your region and your company.

Free Testing – RESO Certification testing tools are publicly available for download and use by any real estate platform developer. The downloadable tools provide free certification testing prior to applying for official certification. Firms can run the tests themselves. Free (open source) certification tools are available to help everyone test against the RESO Web API and Data Dictionary standards.

More Certification Details on RESO.org

Visit www.reso.org/certification for more information on the RESO Certification processes and testing tools for the RESO Web API and the RESO Data Dictionary.

Here you can find:

  • An introduction to the Certification process.
  • Instructions to download and use the RESO testing tools
  • Online application forms to begin the process
DLU March 1st, 2019