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Broker Advisory Group

The RESO Broker Advisory Group identifies issues facing brokers of all sizes, provides specific recommendations to the Board of Directors on opportunities to support the needs of the broker industry through standard creation and evolution, and promotes RESO as a driving force for the collective future of the industry.

The RESO Broker Advisory Group will meet quarterly and the goal will be to have the meetings in person alongside related brokerage events in the industry.  The first objective of the group will be to recruit volunteers to participate in the group, educate the initial set of group members with goals and objectives and begin working on creating a broker consumer based survey on what brokers want and need as it relates to their direct consumer customers – 2017/2018 strategic objective L2.3. David Gumpper will chair the initial advisory group as chartered by the RESO Board of Directors.

Broker Advisory Group Chair – David Gumpper

DLU April 18th, 2018