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RESO Broker Discussion Group Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines Apply to All Members of the RESO Broker Facebook Discussion Group

RESO’s Broker Advisory Workgroup Chair Jeff Bosch and Vice-Chair Nina Dosanjh manage this forum with RESO staff.

The RESO Broker Facebook Discussion Group adheres to the Real Estate Standard Organization (RESO) Antitrust Policy. This is not a forum for conversations about business models and your competitive positioning against other organizations.

RESO strives to increase competition in the marketplace and will not be a forum for anti-competitive conduct. The RESO Antitrust Policy governs the activities of RESO and its members, including this meeting. A link to the policy has been provided. Please consult RESO’s counsel if you have any questions about the policy.

Be kind and courteous. Respect is required. Shaming, personal attacks or disrespectful language is not tolerated in this group. There is zero tolerance for bullying, attacking or escalating fights. There is zero tolerance for disrespecting or degrading any race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. If you take part in any of these actions, you will be removed from the group.

The “scroll on” option is available to any member – you do not have to comment on every post. The written word is easily misunderstood, and tone is hard to express. The presentation of different views is not a personal attack. If you do respond, please take the time to choose words carefully and reread your posts. Resolve differences quickly and respectfully by reporting posts to admins.

Prohibited behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • The reposting of screenshots from deleted posts, conversations or images is unacceptable when the purpose is to harm a member or company.
  • Name calling.
  • Extreme sarcasm or condescending responses.

No promotions or spam. This is an interactive forum for brokers to become better engaged with communicating business challenges with the RESO Broker Advisory Workgroup. Please do not post in this group to promote your business or drive traffic to your blog, website, Facebook page/group or social media account. Self-promotion of a firm, listings promotion, job opportunities and spam are not allowed.

The intention of these discussions are that they remain private within this group, but members should assume that any social media conversation could be republished elsewhere. Measure your conversations accordingly.

All posts should focus on broker pain points relating to business operations and the availability, use, flow and standardization of real estate data.

Links shared without text are deleted. When sharing links, please include a description of why the link is relevant to the group’s discussion.

Follow Facebook community standards regarding intellectual property. Do not upload copyrighted documents to our group files.

Please do not reach out to group members via Facebook Messenger unless they have personally requested you to do so. Unsolicited direct/personal messages (PMs) are spam. The group’s member list is not a marketing list. Using this list to send unsolicited emails, PMs, requests, Facebook invites, etc. is spam and possible grounds for removal. If you receive spam from a group member, please alert the chair or vice-chair of the Broker Advisory Workgroup or RESO staff.

Disinformation is not tolerated. Merriam-Webster defines “disinformation” as “false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.”

If viral posts and links have already been shared in the group, they may be deleted.

We can tell who has blocked us and we can still see your posts even if blocked. Blocking an admin prevents you from seeing our announcements and posts. If you block us, you will be removed from the group. Posts containing links and shout-outs to profiles, pages, groups, companies, etc. that have our admins or moderators blocked will also be deleted.

Posts that go against group guidelines will be deleted without notice. When your post has to be deleted, you may be muted (unable to post or comment in the group) for a preset time frame and put on post-approval (posts will need approval before shown in the group). This “muting” is done to help draw your attention because you need to review these guidelines. If your post is deleted, do not repost the same thing in a new thread. Do not post “Why was my post deleted?” in a new thread. If your post was deleted, it is because it violated the group’s guidelines and rules.


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