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RESO Membership Renewal: Final Month!

RESO Member logoYou have just over three weeks to renew your RESO membership on time. Your support is critical to the development of standards that create efficiency throughout the industry.

2024 Membership Add-Ons: Purchase either of the following bundles with your RESO membership renewal before December 31, 2023, and save!

  • 2024 Conference Bundle – $950 per person ($250 savings)
  • RED-B Bulk license for 10 team members – $1,600 ($400 savings)

If you have any questions or are having issues logging in, please call 919.504.6235 or email Brian Ohnesorgen at


2024 RESO Spring Conference: Sweet Conference Alabama

Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa - RESO 2024 Spring Conference graphicIt’s not too early to register for the 2024 RESO Spring Conference, which will be held April 16–18 at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa in Birmingham, Alabama.

An opening reception will be held the night before on April 15.



International MLS Forum
Industry leaders who shape practice and policy in more than 30 countries showed up in full force at the International MLS Forum: Global Real Estate Standards in Paris, France, December 1–2, 2023, ushering in an exciting new chapter in global real estate.

The event explored the 100-year legacy of the MLS in North America and its budding potential for international real estate landscapes. Representatives from RESO and its member organizations took to the stage to express the importance of creating industry standards as a backbone to the real estate transaction.

Event partners included CEPI, the European Association of Real Estate Professions; local and national real estate associations from across Europe; the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA); National Association of REALTORS® Global Ambassadors from the European Union and West Asia; and international government officials focused on real estate issues.

International MLS Forum collage

Product Updates

RESO Product Updates logoData Dictionary
The Data Dictionary Workgroup moved forward with enumerating Architectural Style, including values from well-recognized industry lists and high-usage items from RESO Analytics.

Alphabetical List of Certified Organizations
Our alphabetized certification status list has returned and is now tied directly to RESO Analytics, as is the RESO Certification Map. The list is now driven by the RESO UOI Service and the Public Organizations feed. Organizations on the list may be expanded to show their certification status and a link to their certification summary on RESO Analytics.

RESO Analytics Map Tooltips

RESO Certification Map
The map is now driven by certification data from RESO Analytics and the RESO Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) Service. Certification statuses for the organizations represented on the map are updated in real time based on certification self-testing done by data providers.

RESO Map of Certified Organizations

Map Tooltips
Map tooltips have been updated with the latest certification data from RESO Analytics, along with a link to the certification details for the organization represented.

RESO Map of Certified Organizations

Certification Status Charts
Pie charts have been added to show the breakdown of certification statuses by organization. There are three charts: Combined (all types of data providers), MLSs and Pooled Platforms. You can hover over chart sections to show the exact count of organizations in the selected section.

RESO Certification Status Reports

RESO Certification Status Report

Certified Current Definition
In order to be considered “Certified Current,” organizations must now be certified for both Web API Core 2.0.0 and Data Dictionary 1.7.

New Members

RESO November 2023 New Members

AgentBook provides a membership management solution that empowers real estate associations to handle all aspects of membership, from managing member information to handling billing and communication.

Arab MLS
Arab MLS seeks to be a leading force in transforming the real estate landscape into a connected and empowered ecosystem, creating solutions that help develop the real estate market in all regions through their international platforms in Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Bhumio is a vertically integrated software suite for real estate agents, brokerages and their clients that is purposed to manage the entire home sale process using a single dashboard.

Camphor allows users to ask any question about real estate listings, property information, zoning, permits, transactions, assessments, weather, risks and more via AI-enhanced property search.

Colorado Association of REALTORS®
The Colorado Association of REALTORS® is the largest professional, voluntary nonprofit, real estate trade association in the U.S. state of Colorado. The association serves more than 30,000 REALTOR® members across the state that are also members of 30 local associations statewide and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Harrison Co. Real Estate Group
The Harrison Co. Real Estate Group helps buyers and sellers with real estate transactions all across Central Ohio and the surrounding areas.

Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS®
The Nova Scotia Association of REALTORS® is the professional association for REALTORS® in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It represents more than 1,900 real estate brokers and salespeople across the province. 

Welcome to RESO!


RESO RED-B logoDo you still have 2023 budget funds available for professional development? Consider a group investment in RESO’s Working With Real Estate Data (wwRED) course, the best primer for understanding how data flows through the industry.

The course’s Business Module is designed for both nontechnical and technical professionals, covering the organizations, rules, processes and technology systems that create the real estate data ecosystem.

The wwRED course continues to be highly popular with organizations onboarding new employees and volunteer leaders. Many companies have made it a default training course.

Consider incorporating wwRED into your new staff and volunteer leadership onboarding strategy today. | MORE INFO

Three Questions

Three Questions collageThe Three Questions interview series introduces you to real estate professionals with a hint of personality and humor. | VISIT THREE QUESTIONS

Here are two RESO champions who were recently featured:


RESO Workgroup Meetings

Rental Subgroup | November 2, 2023
The meeting covered the topics of move-in costs and ongoing fees that renters may be required to pay, outside of their normal rent payments. The group recommended that a Move-In Costs field be created as a multi-select with several common options, as well as a field for a dollar amount to coincide with them. A multi-select Ongoing Fees field was also recommended with a similar structure of related dollar amounts field for its lookups. For the next meeting, a grid showing the lookups for RentIncludes, OwnerPays and TenantPays will be created in order to better identify inconsistencies of lookups across these related fields. | NOTES

Internet Tracking Workgroup | November 15, 2023
The meeting included a review of the Tracking Fields 2.0.10 Spreadsheet. The group was shown the recently approved field name changes for the InternetTrackingSummary fields. Actor session tracking was discussed and a vote was held for the approval of two new lookups (Sign In and Sign Out) for the EventType field. Bot vs. human Internet traffic and the possibility of adding data elements to track bot information in the future was also discussed. The privacy update covered how Proton Mail is now protecting users from UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking links, information about class action lawsuits on pixel tracking and an update on privacy legislation across the U.S. | NOTES

Fast Track Subgroup | November 21, 2023
The group reviewed the comments on the first batch of suggested mappings for lookups of the top-used fields. It was decided that a second mapping option should be added when the source lookups can match more than one standard lookup and/or field. A motion was made and a vote passed to approve the mappings on the Fast Track – November 2023 – Suggested Mappings sheet, which will be loaded into the certification system for Data Dictionary 2.0 testing. The proposed amendment to the Architectural Style lookups previously approved was shown and should be reviewed prior to the next Data Dictionary Workgroup meeting. | NOTES

Data Dictionary Workgroup | November 30, 2023
The meeting included a vote for and approval of a set of architectural style lookups for the ArchitecturalStyle field, which will replace the lookups previously approved. A proposal for a field to indicate whether a property has restrictive covenants was discussed, with the group determining further research on existing implementations was needed. It was also decided that two new subgroups should be formed to establish the best way for the Data Dictionary to convey 1) smart home device/fixture information and 2) additional living unit information. Additionally, the group was informed that the Building Subgroup will hold its first meeting in January and that a proposed list of potential Building Resource fields has been posted. | NOTES

Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

If you want to participate in any of the following recurring workgroup or subgroup meetings, email to get started.

  • Wednesday, December 7 Research & Development Workgroup
  • Thursday, December 12: Interoperability Workgroup
  • Tuesday, December 19: Fast Track Subgroup
  • Wednesday, December 20: Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup
  • Thursday, December 21: Data Dictionary Workgroup
  • Thursday, December 21: Certification Subgroup


Certification Update

RESO Certified logoCongratulations to the following organizations for achieving their Data Dictionary 1.7 and/or Web API Core 2.0.0 endorsements. Results are viewable in RESO Analytics.

  • Centris
  • East Central South Dakota REALTORS®
  • Strategic MLS Alliance

View the certification status of all MLSs on the RESO Certification Map. Please send any address or subscriber count changes to

Questions about RESO certification should be directed to your MLS vendor. Questions about self-testing or the technical aspects of certification may be directed to


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