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RESO 2023 Fall Conference

The RESO 2023 Fall Conference in San Diego, October 23–26, is fast approaching, and the conference agenda is coming into fruition. | REGISTER TODAY | VIEW AGENDA

Paradise Point Resort & SpaWhy to Go

  • Participate in a timely block of sessions on cybersecurity and disaster recovery.
  • Learn about different kinds of data shares and how standards make them successful.
  • Examine a successful implementation of a webhooks standard to get data into an MLS system. 
  • See how a video-creation application acquires listing data and media using RESO Web API
  • Hear how leaders from proptech startups and MLSs can work better together.

Livestream Attendance
If you can’t make it to San Diego in person, we still want your voice to be present in workgroup meetings, at breakout sessions and during Pain Points. | REGISTER FOR LIVESTREAM

Still Accepting Door Prizes
Contact Meridith Tugwell at for more information on how to spotlight your brand.

We Love Our Sponsors!RESO 2023 Fall Conference Sponsors

RESO Board of Directors Election Nominations Open

Board of Diretors meeting roomWe are accepting nominations for nine open seats on the 2024 RESO Board of Directors.

The board is responsible for the governance of RESO and development of the organization’s strategic plan. The open seats in this election are:

  • Class B (Technology Companies, Developers, Partners & Consultants): two seats for companies with revenue under $25 million annually.
  • Class B (Technology Companies, Developers, Partners & Consultants): two seats for companies with revenue of $25 million and above annually.
  • Class C (MLSs and REALTOR® Associations): four seats for companies with over 25,000 subscribers.
  • Class F (Other Associations or Groups): one seat for a company with 50,000+ members / $25 million+ revenue / 15,000 licensees.

If you are interested in lending your expertise and talent to RESO or if you know a willing, strong candidate, please complete the Statement of Candidacy no later than October 31, 2023

Note: Board candidates must be a representative of a RESO member organization, and no more than one person from a given company or its subsidiaries may serve on the Board of Directors at the same time. 

RESO Membership Renewal Season: The Pumpkin Spice of Tech Standards

RESO Member logoIt’s time to renew your RESO membership! Your support is critical to the development of standards that create efficiency throughout the industry. Invoices were sent on October 2 to the primary contact on your account.

If you have any questions or are having issues logging in, please call 919.504.9898 or email Brian Ohnesorgen at


RESO to Anchor Global Real Estate Standards Forum in Paris

Industry leaders who shape practice and policy in more than 32 countries will be in attendance at the International MLS Forum: Global Real Estate Standards at Pullman Montparnasse in Paris, France, December 1–2, 2023.

International MLS ForumEvent partners include CEPI, the European Association of Real Estate Professions; local and national real estate associations from across Europe; the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA); National Association of REALTORS® Global Ambassadors from the European Union and West Asia; and international government officials focused on real estate issues.

The event will explore the 100-year legacy of the MLS in the U.S. and its budding potential for international real estate landscapes. The featured speakers for the event will be RESO CEO Sam DeBord; CEPI Director General Guy Valkenborg and President Jan Boruvka; and CREA Vice President and RESO Director, Patrick Pichette. | READ MORE

Product Updates

Data Dictionary

New Members

RESO new members logos

Infinite Creator Real Estate
Infinite Creator empowers agents to capture videos from smartphones in minutes, send them to Infinite Creator and receive professional editor-perfected content within 24 hours.

Munro Real Estate & Development
Alexander “Sandy” Munro is a REALTOR® with local knowledge and a national reach working primarily in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Plus Platform
Plus Platform seeks to reimagine and reinvent portfolio management for the modern mortgage market for the benefit of lenders, borrowers, investors and communities.

Pyramis Company
Since 1985, the Pyramis Company has grown to become one of the most successful professional property management companies in San Antonio, Texas. The company currently manages single-family units and small apartments in the San Antonio/Bexar County area.

Welcome to RESO!


Portraits of Spencer Rascoff and G. Sax

Spencer Rascoff and G. Sax.

RESO at Blueprint
RESO was in attendance at Blueprint in Las Vegas, a splashy proptech conference that features a wide range of topics and companies in sessions and on the expo floor.

For RESO, it is important to see and hear how real estate technology interoperability is evolving outside of the realms of residential real estate that we thrive in. 

PropTech South stage with Sam DeBord, Kevin Greene, Lucie Fortier and Katie Kapel.

Left to Right: Sam DeBord, Kevin Greene, Lucie Fortier and Katie Kapel.

From new construction to fintech to commercial real estate to AI, a lot is happening quickly. RESO is committed to helping companies meet the next wave of data-centric needs and inviting them to be part of conversations around standards.

RESO at PropTech South
RESO CEO Sam DeBord was on hand for the inaugural PropTech South, powered by Triangle MLS in beautiful North Carolina.

Sam took the stage as the moderator for the “Front End of Choice Smackdown!” featuring Katie Kapel from FBS, Kevin Greene from CoreLogic and Lucie Fortier from Black Knight.

MLS leaders are increasingly seeking to offer their subscribers an abundance of choice.

RESO at CMLS2023 in New Orleans
RESO was on stage and in the audience for the annual Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference in New Orleans, keeping our connections strong with one of our key industry partners.

Industry News

NORCAL MLS Alliance Collaborates to Mitigate Impact of Recent Cyberattack
In a collaborative display of support, the NORCAL MLS Alliance, comprising seven prominent MLSs in Northern California, rallied together to support one another in the wake of a recent cyberattack that disrupted services provided by a leading MLS software provider. | READ MORE


RESO RED-B logoIncorporate wwRED into your new staff and volunteer leadership onboarding strategy today. | MORE INFO ABOUT wwRED


A total of 682 people have completed the wwRED course. Congratulations to those who recently received their designations:

Q3 2023 RED-B designees:

  • Adam Acord
  • Brent Adams
  • Frank  Barnes
  • Bob Bollas
  • Katrina Bowers
  • Angela Brown
  • Anita Bryant
  • Mark Busenburg
  • Lionel Cade
  • Brad Carlson
  • Steve Caupp
  • Kathryn Chiszar
  • Michael Connors
  • Jamie Lee Crist
  • Liz Dalton
  • Rhett Damon
  • Troy Davis
  • Mike Deen
  • Amy DeMars
  • Liz Eanes
  • Edgar Endo
  • Jenn Francis
  • Daniel Gaines
  • Cynthia George
  • Harman Gill
  • Trey Gilmore
  • Sivaji Ginjupalli
  • Eric Glauner
  • Margherita Gosselin
  • Lynne Griffin
  • Shane Griffith
  • Pratik Gupta
  • Ryan Harper
  • Rick Harris
  • Kathy Heaney
  • Keith Hensley
  • Lynda Hertel
  • Shelli Hoernlein
  • Katherine Hunniecutt
  • Dayma Huston
  • Vincent Isaac
  • Ann Johnson
  • Daniel Jones
  • Leigh Kalbli
  • Shafiq Khatibi
  • Hyeong Kim
  • Edward Knight
  • Diana Knoke
  • Mark Krepela
  • Ethan Long
  • Gus Lopez Orozco
  • Ian Lowry
  • Fabiola Malvaez
  • Dave Marsh
  • Margaret McCollum
  • Rich  McGonigle
  • Tammy Merrill
  • Kyle  Middendorf
  • Millicent Morales
  • Kyle  Murphy
  • Prachi Naik
  • Sanja Nedeljkovic
  • Nathan Neville
  • Josiah Pratt
  • Heather Price
  • Lisa Rasor
  • Christy Robertson Webster
  • Bill Roesser
  • Laura Salzman
  • Don Searls
  • Jeannie Simpson
  • Alace Sung
  • Rob Tedford
  • Becky Thompson
  • Mark Tooley
  • Keeri Tramm
  • Sage Turner
  • Angie Upchurch
  • Trey Wainwright
  • Deborah Ward
  • Matt Warren
  • Marion Weiler
  • Melissa Westfall
  • Debbie Wey
  • Lance Wheeler
  • Travis Yost
  • Jasmin Zartaj
  • John Zupan

Three Questions

Three Questions with G. Sax photo collageThe Three Questions interview series introduces you to real estate professionals with a hint of personality and humor. | VISIT THREE QUESTIONS

Here’s an awesome collection of professionals who were recently featured:

RESO Workgroup Meetings

Research & Development Workgroup | September 7, 2023
The group discussed the Suggested Payloads Business Case, including changing direction and leveraging the work being done by subgroups, such as the Rental Subgroup, for tagging payload fields. Business Linkage (Experience Record) and MLS Data Process Resources, previously discussed together, were split into their own separate topics, and the group discussed options for hosting, updating and means of communicating the information (spreadsheet, new resource, etc.). A potential Display Rules Resource for communicating required disclaimers, logos, fonts, etc. as requirements of data providers was also briefly discussed. All of the preceding topics are planned to be continued at the R&D meeting of the RESO Fall Conference. | Research & Development Workgroup NOTES

Transport Workgroup | September 11, 2023
The group approved creating an RCP to handle Single Feeds (RCP-035), approved the RESO Common Format proposal (RCP-025) so it can be ratified, approved the creation of an RCP to address Legacy and Deprecated Data Elements (RCP-045), and formalized naming rules for Data Dictionary resources. The group also discussed posting as well as commenting and voting on Transport discussion items in preparation for the 2024–2025 roadmap.  | Transport Workgroup NOTES

Interoperability Workgroup | September 12, 2023
There was a brief update about new metadata from Offr for use in the Offer Management Shape. There was an open discussion on Add/Edit Server Messaging, use cases for Add/Edit functionality and strategies to discuss it with a wide audience at the RESO Fall Conference. Suggestions for the Best Practices Guide were given, including visual representations of standards and workflows to be used by vendors to bring a product to market using RESO standards. | Interoperability Workgroup NOTES

Fast Track Subgroup | September 19, 2023
The group reviewed suggested mappings for PropertyType, PropertySubType, StateOrProvince and Country, which are among the most popular enumerations used. A recommendation was made to limit the Country and StateOrProvince lookup values to those defined in the ISO (global) standards and to cross-validate which Country and StateOrProvince values can be used together. | Fast Track Subgroup NOTES

Certification Analytics Subgroup | September 20, 2023
The group reviewed recommendations from the Fast Track Subgroup to start closing some enumerations, such as Country and StateOrProvince, and validating values between them in certification. PropertyType and SubType were also discussed, but there is more work to do in Fast Track in terms of mapping the existing data that’s been found in the RESO Analytics industry aggregates data set. | Certification Analytics Subgroup NOTES

Data Dictionary Workgroup | September 21, 2023
The group voted to add Heat Pump Water Heater as a new lookup under the Appliances field and also reviewed the Data Dictionary 2.0 and 2.1 Merged Spreadsheet. These items will be included in the Preflight Check feature of RESO Analytics. The group voted to go forward with correcting plural resource names to singular names for the next version release (3.0). A preview of work to implement validation between related lookup-type fields was discussed, along with the goal of enumerating the ArchitecturalStyle field. | Data Dictionary Workgroup NOTES

Rental Subgroup | September 26, 2023
The meeting covered the LeaseTerm field and how it may be improved for use in rental transactions, including the proposal for a new multi-select field called LeaseTermOptions to supplement it. The topic of move-in costs associated with rental listings was discussed, with examples of fields currently in use by the organizations of group members. Additionally, it was recommended that RESO staff research certification aggregate data to find common move-in cost-type fields used “in the wild” for consideration at the next meeting. | Rental Subgroup NOTES

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup | September 27, 2023
The meeting included a discussion of two main ways to generate UPIs, primarily concentrating on either removing or preserving formatting, special characters, spaces and other delimiters used by governing authorities in their parcel identifiers. The group also discussed options of using a County Metadata Resource with county-level instructions on which identifier to use for UPI vs. always using the parcel number in all cases. The group would like to hold another meeting before the conference to finalize the content for the meeting at the event, and RESO staff will work with the chairs to set that up. | Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup NOTES

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup | September 28, 2023
The group discussed the final product of the subgroup as likely being a new Data Dictionary Class for CRE and discussed the implications of a class vs. a new resource. The group continued to work on the CRE Mapping Spreadsheet and decided the best next step will be for the chairs of the CRE Subgroup and Data Dictionary Workgroup, along with RESO staff, to hold an extended meeting to map out a proposal for CRE fields to be included in the class. Additionally, it was decided that a structure of property-level and suite-level fields are likely needed. It was also recommended that amenities and size/area fields be kept at a higher level, unless the need arises to get more detailed. | Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup NOTES

Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

If you want to participate in any of the following recurring workgroup or subgroup meetings, email to get started.

  • Tuesday, October 17: Fast Track Subgroup
  • Thursday, October 19: Certification Subgroup

The following meetings will be held in person at the RESO 2023 Fall Conference in San Diego:

  • Tuesday, October 24: Data Dictionary Workgroup
  • Tuesday, October 24: Transport Workgroup
  • Wednesday, October 25: Broker Advisory Workgroup
  • Wednesday, October 25: Research & Development Workgroup
  • Wednesday, October 25: Interoperability Workgroup
  • Wednesday, October 25: Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup
  • Thursday, October 26: Certification Analytics Subgroup
  • Thursday, October 26: Data Consumers Subgroup

Certification Update

RESO Certified logoCongratulations to the following organizations for achieving their Data Dictionary 1.7 and/or Web API Core 2.0.0 endorsements. Results are viewable in RESO Analytics.

  • Mammoth Lakes Board of REALTORS® MLS
  • Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®

View the certification status of all MLSs on the RESO Certification Map. Please send any address or subscriber count changes to

Questions about RESO certification should be directed to your MLS vendor. Questions about self-testing or the technical aspects of certification may be directed to


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