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This Month

  • We remember and reflect upon the impact of Kristen Carr on RESO and the real estate industry.
  • Our board chair delves into AI.
  • The European Association of Real Estate Professions (CEPI) joins our ranks.
  • The UPI gets an update.
  • The first batch of Data Dictionary 2.0 and RESO Common Format (RCF) certifications are announced.
  • We recap the spring conference and share all session videos.

Remembering Kristen Font 2

Kristen Carr: RESO Royalty: charter member, board member, workgroup chair, industry ambassador and friend to geeks. We are so thankful for the years we had together. Join us in raising a toast in fond memory of our beloved colleague.

Kristen Tribute 05082024

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Letter From the Chair

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Rebecca Jensen kicking off the RESO Spring Conference.

I am thrilled to share news of the progress we made during our recent spring conference in Birmingham, Alabama. The enthusiasm displayed by our members was truly inspiring.

Our sessions were amazing! We delved into critical topics aimed at enhancing the real estate industry’s efficiency and transparency. We expanded standards to technologies beyond the MLS with real-world use cases that prove that RESO standards are working.

Our commitment to consistent terminology and standardized data fields will empower real estate professionals to seamlessly exchange information, ultimately benefiting buyers, sellers and brokers alike.

Our experts discussed the latest standards advancements on stage, at roundtable sessions, during Web API office hours and everywhere in between. All session videos are available in our RESO 2024 Spring Conference Recap.

The heart of our conferences is the vibrant exchange of ideas. From the ballroom presentations to the hallway conversations, from onsite happy hours to evening outings, members connected, forged partnerships and shared best practices (and some laughs). Together, we amplify our impact on the industry as a whole.

Looking ahead, RESO’s roadmap is ambitious.

At the conference, we announced the first crop of certification endorsements for Data Dictionary 2.0, RESO Common Format, Add/Edit, EntityEvent/Webhooks and Validation Expressions. Many of these recipients are new to the RESO ecosystem, involving Association Management Systems (AMS), broker tools and even government agencies.

Cert Cat RM May 2024We continued to express how our mission extends beyond borders. RESO collaborates with international trade organizations and technology companies. Imagine a seamless flow of information across continents!

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being discussed at every turn and has quickly progressed from “that’s cool” to “integral business tool.”

I talked about my own experience with an AI being at the Las Vegas Sphere. We are already beyond prompts and doctored images to instant language translation and human-like emotion.

The brokerages and MLSs of the near-future are already being built today, and I’m proud that RESO has been fully engaged by providing working standards to this new and evolving technology.

As we embark on the technological journeys that will lead real estate forward, I invite you to join us in workgroup sessions and at the next conference in Frisco, Texas, in October.

Your passion, insights and commitment are vital to our shared goals. Together, we will shape the future of real estate one standardized data point at a time.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication. Let’s continue to build a resilient, interconnected real estate ecosystem.

Rebecca Jensen
2024 RESO Board of Directors

Product Updates

RESO Product UpdatesData Dictionary
The Data Dictionary Workgroup voted to add fields named BackOnMarketTimestamp and CurrentPrice. Additionally, CurrentPrice will be removed as a synonym of ListPrice.

The Transport Workgroup voted to create a RESO Change Proposal (RCP) for the Add/Edit with Media addition to the ratified Web API Add/Edit.

Universal Property Identifier (UPI)
The UPI Workgroup approved to adopt a URN-based UPI Version 2.0.


Certification Update

RESO Logo Certified Vertical BlueWe have had some new developments in certification endorsements. In addition to our first official Data Dictionary 2.0 certification, RESO Common Format (RCF) is now being certified.

More endorsements are coming, including Add/Edit, EntityEvent/Webhooks and Validation Expressions. All results are viewable in RESO Analytics.

Here are the latest entries:

Data Dictionary 2.0 (first batch!)
MLS Grid
Pikes Peak REALTOR® Services

RESO Common Format 1.7 (newly listed endorsement!)
Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)
Planitar (iGUIDE)

Web API Server Core 2.0.0
MLS of Southern Arizona 
Pensacola Association of REALTORS®

View the certification status of all MLSs on the RESO Certification Map. Please send any address or subscriber count changes to

Questions about RESO certification should be directed to your MLS vendor. Questions about self-testing or the technical aspects of certification may be directed to

New Members

Welcome New Members May 2024 RM 2545 X 990 Px 1European Association of Real Estate Professions (CEPI)
CEPI was established in Brussels, Belgium, in 1990 as an international nonprofit organization representing estate agents and property managers of 24 countries worldwide. CEPI has a number of partnerships with other European and international associations to exchange information, points of view, experience and expertise.

Hankinson Consulting
Hankinson Consulting’s namesake, Patrick Hankinson, is an early-stage investor and serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing and selling companies.

Immobel makes real estate tools like Xomio to build websites ready-made for collaborating with colleagues and generating leads. They specialize in improving connectivity and visibility for everyone, from individual REALTORS® to global brands and portals, with ADA compliance and with 19 language listings feeds.

Placekey creates an identifier for any physical place, so that the data pertaining to those places can easily be shared across organizations. It’s built with geospatial data that is easily joined and combined from many different sources.

Real AI Sweden
Real AI Sweden provides information services for the housing market with modern AI in close cooperation with the brokerage industry. They do automated housing valuations, move predictions and other information retrieval.

Roomvo brings hundreds of thousands of home decor products to life with a state-of-the-art room visualization platform that makes it easy for shoppers to engage with products in their own space in a realistic way. Digital and in-store visualization solutions are built with manufacturers, retailers and distributors in mind.

Trackxi is a collaborative deal and task tracker for real estate agents and teams that streamlines the workflow from client contact to closing.

With One App
With One App is a new project from New York entrepreneur, Joe Ben-Zvi. Joe has a rich history as a COO and sales executive in market-leading firms in proptech, fintech, insurtech and real estate SaaS. He has a passion for assembling, empowering and optimizing teams.

Welcome to RESO!


T3 Sixty logoT3 Leadership Summit
RESO was on hand at this popular annual think tank for residential real estate industry CEOs and executives in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 22–24. The T3 Leadership Summit is for progressive leaders who want to explore, debate and be at the leading edge of change and innovation.

2024 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings graphic2024 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings
RESO also participated in the 2024 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings in Washington, DC and for one Sunday evening at the Omni Hotel’s Marquee Lounge, the former site of the annual midyear meetings.

Intentionally International

International MLS ForumInternational MLS Forum 2024
Following the resounding success of the inaugural event in Paris, this year’s forum in Milan, Italy, will be held October 7–8, promising to be even more enriching and enlightening for real estate professionals from around the globe. | LEARN MORE

International Map
Sweden has been added to RESO’s membership, increasing our international footprint!

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On the RESO Blog

Recent blog images

RESO 2024 Spring Conference Recap
By all accounts, the members, workgroup chairs, board and speakers all continue to make RESO conferences the talk of the real estate industry throughout the year by way of ongoing standards advancement and approval. See what you might have missed and what you’ll want to be part of in the fall.

RESO Data Dictionary Concessions Fields: Guidance
Financial agreements made between real estate brokers and their clients could change. These potential changes could also alter the way transaction data is collected and reported within the technology systems that support businesses and consumers. RESO guidance is focused on one specific set of data elements that have been part of recent discussions: concessions-related fields in the RESO Data Dictionary.

Announcing the 2024 RESO Award Winners
This year’s RESO Contributor Award and Leading Edge Award winners were announced at the RESO 2024 Spring Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. RESO Contributor Awards are given for outstanding contributions in a RESO workgroup, while Leading Edge Awards are presented for industry leadership in supporting RESO standards like Web API adoption and RESO educational courses like the Working with Real Estate Data – Business Module (wwRED), which confers the RED-B designation.


Congrats to RED-B raffle Winner Michael Seguin of Triangle MLS!Drumroll, please… Our RED-B Raffle winner is Mike Seguin from Triangle MLS! Mike will receive a custom red RESO polo shirt and a $150 Amazon gift card.

RESO’s wwRED course brings real estate industry newcomers and veterans alike together on a journey of data flow through organized real estate. Sign up for this self-guided course and earn your RED-B designation! | LEARN MORE

RED Winners RMCongratulations to North Carolina Regional MLS and First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) on winning the 2024 Leading Edge Award for leadership in promoting industry education.

Three Questions

May 2024 3Qs Collage RM E1714769083997

The Three Questions interview series introduces you to real estate professionals with a hint of personality and humor. | VISIT THREE QUESTIONS | ARCHIVE | SUBSCRIBE


Recent Entries:


RESO Workgroup Meetings

Rental Subgroup | March 28, 2024
The group reviewed proposals for a MoveInCosts lookup-type field and lookup additions to the RentIncludes and TenantPays fields. Attendees were asked to consider scenarios where the Data Dictionary is not fully sufficient for supporting rental transactions and other rental use cases. | NOTES

Waterfront Data Elements Subgroup | April 2, 2024 and April 30, 2024
The April 2 meeting covered standardization, consistency and structure for data elements that describe water types, access, frontage and features. The first step was to create a Water-Related Fields Definitions Proposal. Additionally, a document was created to show where water-related lookups exist in aggregate data for the group to review. The April 30 meeting touched on the definitions before delving deeper into subgroup process. | NOTES | DISCUSSION

Building Subgroup | April 9, 2024 and April 30, 2024
On April 9, the group went over the fields that were proposed to be removed from the Building Fields Proposal, then reviewed several fields that were determined to need further consideration, coming to an “omit” or “keep” consensus on each. On April 30, the group approved the Building Resource proposal and voted to move it to the Data Dictionary Workgroup for further scrutiny and possible adoption. | NOTES

Research & Development / Interoperability Workgroups | April 16, 2024
The joint meeting between the Interoperability and R&D Workgroups took place at the RESO 2024 Spring Conference. The chairs explained how the two workgroups pass cases between each other and to other RESO workgroups. Additionally, the group presented several ratified and in-progress RESO standards and explained how they are useful toward improving efficiency and accuracy in the process of exchanging real estate data. | NOTES

Broker Advisory Workgroup | April 17, 2024
The meeting held during the 2024 RESO Spring Conference was a Spotlight Session with guest speakers Anna-Marie Ellison, COO at ERA King Real Estate, and John Perry, CMO at ARC Realty, both based in Alabama. The group discussed how RESO standards like RESO Common Format can help brokerage businesses and what more can be done to solve common pain points, particularly in the area of data entry, photographic quality and increasing add/edit capabilities that don’t break MLS rules and regulations. | NOTES

Data Dictionary Workgroup | April 17, 2024
The meeting at the RESO 2024 Spring Conference included an overview of the group’s policies, procedures, version release schedule and focus on data-driven decisions. Two motions were made and successfully approved by a vote, adding BackOnMarketTimestamp and CurrentPrice fields and making CurrentPrice a disallowed synonym of ListPrice. The group also discussed the newly formed Waterfront Data Elements Subgroup and the Water Heater Field Proposal. | NOTES

Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup | April 17, 2024
The meeting at the RESO 2024 Spring Conference included a brief overview of the UPI Workgroup’s objectives and the purpose of the UPI identifier itself. The components of UPI version 2.0 were explained and contrasted with version 1.0. The ability of the UPI to be used internationally was presented with examples of UPIs from several different countries. A vote was held and the group approved to adopt the URN-based UPI Version 2.0. | NOTES

Transport Workgroup | April 18, 2024
At the RESO 2024 Spring Conference, the group covered transport roadmap items, including Universal Property Identifier (UPI) v2, Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI), updates to certification testing, and Push Notifications with Subscriptions and Refresh Tokens. The group also approved an RCP for Add/Edit with Media addition to the ratified Web API Add/Edit (RCP-010) standard, presented metadata resources for Data Dictionary 2.1, discussed rate limiting and considered the handling of deprecated Data Dictionary data elements.

Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

If you want to participate in any of the following recurring workgroup or subgroup meetings, it’s never been easier to do so. | JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP

  • Tuesday, May 14: Interoperability Workgroup
  • Wednesday, May 15: Internet Tracking Workgroup
  • Thursday, May 16: Data Dictionary Workgroup
  • Thursday, May 16: Certification Subgroup
  • Friday, May 17: Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup
  • Monday, May 20: Rental Subgroup
  • Tuesday, May 21: Fast Track Subgroup
  • Wednesday, May 22: Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup
  • Monday, June 3: Transport Workgroup
  • Thursday, June 6: Research & Development Workgroup



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