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Thanks to everyone who made our

2014 RESO Plug Fest and Fall Conference a great success!

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RESO PlugFest and Fall Conference, October 21-23, 2014

Are you ready to plug-in, network with your peers and learn how you can make computer real estate standards work for you? Then don’t miss RESO’s inaugural PlugFest and conference in Las Vegas, October 21-23, 2014 at the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Our inimitable emcee, Rob Overman, will lead our first day plug-fest. Experience super-charged networking sessions with your peers, learn as you go, and get connected with as many other attendees as possible using all of our computer standards. Answers to your questions are only steps away.

Day 2 and 3 will explore many areas that are of interest to anybody in sending or receiving real estate data. Topics include information on our new RESTful API, Data Dictionary, listing updates and replication. 

What is a Plug Fest?

A PlugFest is an event where software developers gather to 1) test the interoperability of their products, designs or concepts with others and 2) meet and collaborate on solving common technological issues facing their particular community or industry. Basically, it’s a collaborative, open and friendly environment devoted to facilitating conversations - both digital and verbal. Read more about our Plug Fest here.

What's in it for me?

One of the most valuable aspects of a PlugFest is that you join a group of people all working toward a set of common goals. In the real estate data world, we all want more efficiency within our various data networks. We’re also under pressure to show greater value to the end user we serve. That’s what a PlugFest is all about.

You’ll get to bring in your products, technology, issues and solutions and join others who’ll do the same. Rub elbows with the best and brightest, add your opinions to the most important, industry-driving conversations and learn from the most distinguished specialists in our industry (speaker list). You have a voice and we want to hear it. Sounds great, right? Plus, you’re in Las Vegas! What are you waiting for?

Still on the fence? Consider this: All RESO Fall Conference Attendees will receive 20% discount on their first RESO Certification Application.  Just email to request your 20% off coupon.  Once your registration is confirmed, we'll send it out to you. Learn more about RESO Certification at

Schedule (Full Agenda Can Be Viewed Here)

Day 1- Choose From Two Tracks:

(Track 1) - RETS PlugFest

Plug-in, certify, connect, talk, learn all the different ways your products can send and receive data from other real estate partners. Even though you 'think' you're connected, learn better and more efficient ways to share data. Don't focus on 'now' but focus what's coming down the line including our Web API, Data Dictionary, Listing Update and Certification. You will be amazed what your company can gain by attending our RESO Fall 2014 Conference and PlugFest.

Please click here for more detail on the RETS PlugFest.

(Track 2) - MLS Workshop, Migrating your MLS data to the Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary has been discussed at great lengths over the past year or two. Come to our RESO Fall 2014 Conference and PlugFest and learn about the next necessary steps for you MLS. Bring laptops, spreadsheets, Ouija boards with you to a hands on sessions where RESO and MLS vendor experts will talk about how to use the Data Dictionary Migration Starter kit and spend time with each attendee addressing their specific needs to help them get started down the right path.

Please click here for more detail on the MLS Workshop.

Day 2 - Full Day Conference

  • Many speakers and open session discussions
  • Learn more about the Data Dictionary and it implementers
  • Understand the ins and outs of our new RESTful API
  • Where is RESO going with Update and Replication
  • Future plans for the RETS 1x platform
  • Open discussions on what real estate standards should be developed next
  • Where we are with Real Estate security standards
  • Best use practices for mobile applications

  Day 3 (1/2 day) - RESO Workgroup Reports

  • Listen to all of the RESO workgroups describe what is currently in their docket, delivery schedules and what the future holds
  • Ask questions, persuade and make a difference
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Registration Fees: RESO members: $225, non-RESO members: $325.

Please note the online registration form will only accept credit cards as a method of payment. Email Suzanne at with questions.


The PlugFest will be held at the Monte Carlo hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Space is limited. Hotel changes must be made through the hotel.

Reservations may also be made by calling the Hotel Group Reservations Department at 800.311.8999. In order to receive the group rate, callers must make their reservations on or before Saturday, September 20 and identify their affiliation with group code XRESO14. Rates cannot be changed at check-in or check-out for guests who fail to identify their affiliation at the time the reservation is made.


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Registration fees:

RESO members: $225

non-RESO members: $325

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