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RESO Makes it Free: Are you RESO Web API Certified?

By: Jeremy Crawford, Executive Director, RESO The RESO Board of Directors has just approved that initial RESO Web API Certification for all RESO members who are current on their Data Dictionary Certification will be at no additional cost. The original Web API push was...

National Realtor Mid-Year Convention

I recently attended the National Association of Realtors Mid-Year Convention at the Wardham Marriott Convention Center. The mid-year meetings are business meetings where leadership teams, committee leaders and members from all over the U.S. convene to finish old business, work on existing business and plan on projects that are coming up at aannual and future conventions.

Explaining Broker and MLS Technology Options

Inspired by Gregg Larson and Matt Cohen’s recent post on the Clareity blog, and many questions from our customers about Upstream and AMP, I decided to take my own shot at trying to explain how these concepts fit into the overall technology landscape for brokers and MLSs today.