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Web API Examples

This section is intended for those developers who are interested on seeing live examples on how to query and extract data from MLS systems using the Web API interface. To understand more about the RESO Web API, please visit our Web API standards and the Developers FAQ pages.

Below you will find a list of some of our larger MLS and MLS Providers with examples on how to best use the Web API within their systems. The list of MLS and MLS Providers will be growing so check back in every so often. Please feel free to send questions and suggestions to info@reso.org.

MLS Web API Examples

Arizona Regional MLS

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Austin Board of Realtors

View All Austin Board of Realtors Examples

Bridge API Generic

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CoreLogic Trestle (generic)

View All CoreLogic Trestle (generic) Examples

FBS Generic

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First MLS

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Houston Assoc of Realtors

View All Houston Assoc of Realtors Examples

Miami Association of Realtors

View All Miami Association of Realtors Examples

Michigan Regional Info Ctr

View All Michigan Regional Info Ctr Examples

MLS Property Info Network

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North Texas RE Info Systems

View All North Texas RE Info Systems Examples


View All RAPB + GFLR Examples

Utah MLS

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