Web API Aknowlegements

The RESO Web API is the result of a collaborative effort from many industry experts who enlisted their time, vision, and knowledge to the creation of this standard. For this, we’re enormously grateful for their contributions.


  • Scott Petronis
  • Paul Stusiak
  • Jeremy Crawford
  • Sergio Del Rio
  • Cal Heldenbrand
  • Cody Gustafson
  • Darrell Sher
  • Joshua Darnell
  • Demian Quinonez
  • Paul Hethmon
  • Mike Pizzo
  • Ivaan Nazaroff
  • Peter Jang
  • Bob Gottesman
  • Ashish Antal
  • Mark Suchy
  • Stuart Schuessler

DLU September 10th, 2018