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RESO Certification Process

RESO’s certification process is now highly automated. Even if your organization has previously certified with RESO, please review the steps carefully:

  1. The technical vendor will work directly with RESO’s development staff to pre-test the certification applicant’s system. Vendors can contact us at about pre-testing. MLSs and other certification applications should NOT attempt to apply for certification.
  2. After RESO’s development staff has confirmed that the technical vendor has passed all tests with the system to be certified, the technical vendor will contact the MLS or other certification applicant to start the application process.
  3. The technical vendor will work with the MLS or other certification applicant to complete the application and documentation requirements. Only after the applicant’s system has passed all tests and the vendor has assisted the certification applicant through these steps should contacts about status be directed to
  4. Upon receiving full documentation, RESO will deliver a certification to the applicant and publish it on

While this process has changed, it will ensure all technical details are cleared upfront. MLSs and certification applicants will spend less time in RESO’s certification queue. Communications will streamlined to only those parties with the most relevant information.

Thank you for your partnership in leading the real estate technology industry forward.