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RESO Real World Standards Adoption and Utilization Case Studies

Welcome to RESO Real World Standards Adoption and Utilization Case Studies for the Real Estate Industry. RESO Case Studies are case studies surrounding real world business and technical adoption and implementation of RESO Standards with a focus on the RESO Data Dictionary and the RESO Web API. Case studies have been created by brokerages, multiple listing services and technology companies that consume real estate data to help the industry understand the real world benefits an organization can realize by adopting RESO Standards for the distribution and/or consumption of real estate data. The case studies provide both business and technical aspects of what it takes and what is realized once completed in implementing RESO Standards manage business needs and challenges surrounding the real estate industry and underlying real estate data.

RESO Standards: Are they a Fairy Tale of the Future?

A real-world case study from an emerging technology company: myTheo. Over the years, RESO has wanted to more fully answer a common question prospective members have: What is the real value of RESO to my business? It’s a question particularly vexing for budding, bootstrapped start-up tech firms. When you get past the obvious technical advantages what does it really MEAN to have data standards? What practical ADVANTAGES does a company that is RESO Certified AND connects to RESO Certified data REALLY gain from going down this path? RESO asked myTheo, an emerging technology company, to examine this important question. What advantages does a standardized data feed bring to technology companies and their customers, in reality? In this case study, myTheo provides detailed answers to the questions at hand by moving to RESO standards for consuming data into their real estate applications powered by MLS data from RESO Certified MLSs California Regional MLS (CRMLS) and Midwest Real Estate Data (MRED).

Download the myTheo Case Study “RESO Standards: Are they a Fairy Tale of the Future?”

DLU January 2nd, 2018