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Research and Development Workgroup

At the heart of RESO is a Workgroup community that includes the Research & Development Workgroup, a collaborative effort that taps the talents of members who work together to represent the interests of all facets of our industry: Agents, Brokers, Consumers, MLS firms and technology partners.

The R&D Workgroup is tasked with being the conduit for determining which Business Cases justify the involvement of RESO and the creation of standards.  The R&D Workgroup sits at the top of the funnel of future RESO efforts, as it serves as the entry point for information intake and task decision-making.

Collaborate remotely

RESO recognizes that its members have busy schedules and has created a system to allow members to actively participate in the R&D Workgroup as the vast majority of participation is done online virtually.

Primarily through the use of Confluence, a collaborative online task management software platform, the R&D Committee work includes online discussions, assignment of tasks and document sharing, which is supplemented by regularly scheduled monthly GotoMeetings, with notes for each meeting posted and shared with all members.

Focused on the future

Every major initiative RESO tackles starts at the top of the funnel, working through the R&D Workgroup first. This is where each Business Case is presented and its members review the merits, one-by-one.

RETS and Data Dictionary Certifications all started in the R&D Workgroup, and that is why this Workgroup is not only one of our most vital community efforts, but one that every member could benefit from active participation. Moreover, by encompassing representatives from all aspects of the industry, we are able to gather more viewpoints that enable us to more effectively review Business Cases.

We need your input

The key to the success of the RESO R&D Workgroup is industry expert input. Part of the initial process for determining Business Cases is how the issue is impacting each segment of the real estate industry, looking to identify common issues and challenges that are widespread and also fit with the mission of RESO.

The R&D Workgroup uses a “litmus test” for each Business Case that is presented by a member. This test asks questions that include:

  • Is it within RESO’s realm?
  • Is there significant demand from the key players (i.e. Agent, Broker, technology Vendor, MLS, Consumer, and if so, which ones)?
  • Would it have a positive, noticeable, and worthwhile impact on the real estate industry, such as create efficiencies, reduce costs, etc.?
  • Would the potential return on RESO resource investment be worth it?

It’s important to note that answering ‘no‘ to any of the questions is not necessarily an insurmountable obstacle, but it is designed to keep the group focused on the most pressing issues that could best benefit the industry.

How the R&D Workgroup process works

Business Cases begin with an idea. At RESO, anyone can share an “idea,” first by submitting it to one of the two Chairs of the R&D Workgroup: One Chair represents the business side and the other represents the technical side. Being a RESO member is not required for someone to submit an idea.

The R&D Chair typically will post the idea in an R&D online discussion forum to gauge interest in the topic.  RESO members are able to contribute to the discussions, and may also post a forum topic directly for discussion as well.

Usually, after some time has passed, which allows for discussion and engagement by members, if one of the Chairs believe there is a true need, the idea moves from the discussion stage and is added to the agenda for the R&D Workgroup’s monthly meeting.

The R&D Workgroup process is designed to take time to clearly vet out each idea.  Eventually, their goal is to determine, typically, one of three things:

  1. Is it something RESO can’t solve? Sometimes it is a policy issue and it needs to go to the NAR or if it is a best practice, it would be directed to the Council of MLS.
  2. If it is within RESO’s realm, it is then sent over to the appropriate RESO Workgroup.
  3. The issue is within RESO’s realm, but it is determined that the idea is not covered by any of the current Workgroups. In this case, a request is made to create a new workgroup. One recent example: Property Unique Identifier was created as a new Workgroup for this purpose.

Why you should join the R&D Workgroup

New ideas are vital to the future of RESO in its quest to streamline the real estate industries. But that means we need members from all segments of the industry to become part of the R&D Workgroup.  Members get a seat at the front door of the decision making process, learn intimately how RESO works to benefit their firms and the real estate industry overall, and most importantly, have a direct voice in the decision making process by becoming a member of one of RESO’s most important Workgroups.


  • The Research & Development Workgroup meets the 1st Thursday of every month from 2:00 – 3:00 PM EST  | JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP!


Research & Development Workgroup Chair – Greg Moore, Chief Technology Officer, RMLS

Greg began his Real Estate technology career in 1986 at the Santa Barbara Board of REALTORS and Multiple Listing Service to install and manage an in-house MLS system. After 6-years he moved on to East Bay Regional Data (EBRD) for 7-years to manage operations and technology for a 10,000 member, 6-MLS regional. He then spent 2-years with developing and deploying one of the first Internet-based MLS systems.

Greg has been at RMLS for 16+ years.  As CTO, he provides leadership and general oversight of RMLS’ technological goals and activities. He facilitates the technical requirements for data processing, hardware services, network communications, and management information services to accomplish the company’s goals and objectives. Greg’s exciting and fulfilling personal life ironically takes place in Boring, Oregon with his wife of 25+ years.

Education: USCB, Business Systems Development

Contact Information –  Email: I  Office: (503) 781-5389


Research & Development Workgroup Vice-Chair – John Breault, Vice President, MLS & Member Services, Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®/State-Wide MLS

DLU June 18th, 2020