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Data Dictionary Wiki

How is the Data Dictionary Constructed?

The Data Dictionary Wiki is built on a ‘Tree’ structure with its lowest levels comprised of fields and lookup values. The Dictionary can also be downloaded into machine readable XML and a more traditional spreadsheet (.xlsx) layout.

At the Data Dictionary’s highest level you will find Resources (High level groupings such as Property, Offices, Open Houses, Media, etc.), Collections (A container of data items that have a shared relevance such as Property Rooms, Property Unit Types, etc.) and Lookup Fields and Values (Possible values for Fireplaces, Water Sources, Countries, Buyer Financing, etc.). Drilling down into Resources and Collections you will find fields and within Lookup Fields and Values you will find Lookup Values.

The Data Dictionary also has valuable secondary information to help understand its background, use and context. Some of the most helpful secondary pages are linked below with the Home Page.


RESO Data Dictionary Wiki Home Page