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A curriculum that started two years ago in an airport lounge in Tucson, Arizona, was released just last year. It has blossomed into a cornerstone of real estate technology education with approximately 300 students already having enrolled in or completed the course.

RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data (WWRED) online class has been receiving rave reviews from industry insiders and newcomers alike. The WWRED Business Module is the first stage of the course and carries with it a RED-B designation for those who complete it.

RED-B provides an ideal opportunity for bringing new staff members and incoming leadership up to speed. Many real estate companies are onboarding every new employee with the course, which is a nontechnical industry primer for understanding organizations, rules, processes and technology systems affecting real estate data.

We designed the course to cover all the questions we had when we first got involved in real estate technology – questions that we still receive on a weekly basis and can now answer with authority.

Staff and leadership in the real estate industry can change frequently, and new technology decisions are being made every year. You can keep your entire team’s technology knowledge current with this course. Included on our wish list for course takers are association executives, executive leadership and MLS/association volunteer leaders.

Some new policy questions are answered as part of our 2022 updates, including:

  • Is an MLS required to give a single feed with all broker data (IDX, VOW, BBO combined) to every broker participant?
  • Is Brokerage Back Office (BBO) an optional data set for MLSs?
  • Does a broker need to display contact information for listing brokers on its IDX website?
  • Does a broker have to display the offer of compensation to buyers’ brokers on its website?
  • Can a brokerage filter out listings on its IDX website based on commission rate offered or from a certain broker?

If you don’t know the answers, your staff, board and committees probably don’t either.

Empower your team to earn their RED-B designation today. Visit to register or contact us at for bulk registration pricing.

Beyond the 2022 RED-B designation updates, we’re excited to share that we are also working on a WWRED Technical Module, or RED-T designation, for developers and other technologists.