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It’s that special week between major winter holidays where many people wrap up their critical end-of-year work, take some time off, and consume as many calories as possible ahead of inevitable calendar-inspired resolutions.

At RESO, we continue to direct your attention to three agenda items: 1) An upgraded Confluence Cloud collaboration system (members can log in now right here!) that will require you to re-enter a password. The Confluence upgrade, as is often the case with upgrades, may have some hiccups along the way, so please bear with us if you struggle to get back in. We’ll get everyone back to square one eventually. 2) A new survey (with an incentive to take it!) from the RESO UPI Workgroup. 3) Renewing your RESO membership for 2021. We’ve also thrown in the latest workgroup activity, because who doesn’t love a good workgroup?

We hope that you are enjoying a safe and happy holiday season! #readyfor2021


RESO Member Collaboration System Changes Coming

RESO’s membership collaboration system, Confluence, is being upgraded from a highly customized server-based system to a more out-of-the-box Confluence Cloud system.

The structure of the system will be essentially the same but simplified. Although we do not expect members to struggle with the transition, you will need to re-login to RESO’s Confluence Cloud once it’s up and running.

When members first try to log in to the updated system, they will need to change or re-enter a password – even if you want to use the same password you had on the server system.

Confluence Cloud will act as though you have forgotten your password. After you enter your email and password, you will inevitably have to select “Can’t log in?” and follow the prompts as though you need a new password.

IMPORTANT: We are only carrying over members that have logged in since July 1, 2019. If you have not logged into our existing Confluence Server system and want to be on the first line of access renewals, please log in and we’ll get you accounted for.


If you have not logged in prior to July 1, 2019, don’t worry. Your membership is still active. If you are not able to establish a presence with the email you have on file with RESO, we will help you get re-established. Contact, and we’ll take care of you.


Take the RESO UPI Survey! Win a Bluetooth Speaker!

RESO’s UPI Workgroup would like to request feedback on a brief survey about the Universal Property Identifier (UPI) and UPI Registry in order to meaningfully advance the team’s efforts towards this great resource for the real estate industry.

The UPI is a standard way to reference a property developed by RESO. The specification includes support for identifying properties internationally in a hierarchical manner starting with the country. Using the UPI, we can reference a property in an unambiguous way, which is valuable for many use cases, including deduplication and globally unique references in different systems. The UPI works essentially by specifying a property’s “serial number” as a legally defined entity.

As an incentive for filling out the survey, RESO will randomly select one person to receive a new wireless Bluetooth speaker in honor of all the music shared during the RESO Remote Encore fall conference. If you are interested in being part of the speaker raffle, share your name and email address at the end of the survey.

Thank you for your participation. Your answers will help us evolve the UPI and UPI Registry.

We recognize that a lot of people take time off during the holidays, so the survey will be active until January 15, 2021.| TAKE THE SURVEY


RESO Membership Renewal Season is Here!

The year is almost over, which means it is time to renew your RESO membership for 2021! | RENEW TODAY


RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Distributed Ledger Workgroup Meeting | December 16, 2020

Meeting Summary: The group went through the workgroup’s active projects with the purpose of focusing scope for 2021. Three items (Governance, UPI POC and Help Add Event as Data Dictionary Resource Nomenclature) were elevated, and several others were de-emphasized. | VIEW CALL NOTES



Workgroup Meetings This Week

None. Happy New Year!