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We’re closing in on the RESO Remix spring conference, and we’re welcoming more members to the fun, more ways to receive workgroup activity updates and more ways to bulk up on your team’s knowledge of working with real estate data.



New Members!

RESO welcomes new members, AMP Systems, RentSpree, and HomeMe LLC.

The Advanced Multi-list Platform (AMP) gives MLSs the ability to control and manage their data and application offerings.

RentSpree screens and verifies rental tenants, provides online rental applications and screening reports, allows renters to apply for a rental property and more.

HomeMe will be a mobile real estate shop where consumers have access to home buying, selling and mortgage services in one place.

We’re glad to have these new members and hope to see more of them throughout the year!


12 Reasons to Attend RESO Remix

You remember the 1980s. You sat by your radio with your finger hovering over the record button on your stereo cassette player, trying to capture a song at just the right time. Your cassette tapes were highly curated mixes shared with friends, family and even crushes. You filled up all 90 minutes of side A and side B with rad songs that would emanate from your car speakers and your boombox. | READ MORE (AND WATCH VIDEOS!)

This year’s RESO Remix conference is a modern mixtape. We’ve mashed together workgroups and speakers that flow like these collaborations were perfectly planned (they were). Our playlist is just right for that special someone you want to share it with. Hit play and enjoy the variety of flavors for your listening pleasure. | VIEW THE AGENDA

Need specifics? Here are 12 reasons to attend RESO Remix, Tuesday–Thursday, April 20–22, 2021, because a top 10 can’t contain our youthful spirit of ingenuity. | REGISTER


Watch Me!

Within RESO’s Workgroup Collaboration System there is a way to receive email updates on new workgroup activities for your chosen group(s).

In order to receive updates in your email, you have to “Watch” a page. Note that Discussions Forums are treated as different pages from the main area for each workgroup.

While you are within any discussion topic, select the eye icon in the upper right corner, then select “Watch all content in this space.”

Workgroup members should watch their group’s main space and the discussions space if they want to see all major updates.


    Working With Real Estate Data – A New Course from RESO

    RESO’s Working With Real Estate Data (WWRED) course modules are the industry’s primer for understanding its organizations, rules, processes and technology systems affecting real estate data. The Business Module is the first section, designed for both nontechnical and technical data stakeholders to learn how real estate information flows through the industry.

    Course focus includes:
    Brokers, Agents, Agent Teams
    Licensing and Business Types
    REALTOR® Associations
    Multiple Listing Services
    Technology Vendors
    Other Trade Organizations
    MLS Rules and Policies
    Advanced MLS Concepts
    Data Standards and Licensing
    RESO Standards, Workgroups & Certification

    Additional course modules will be coming soon: Technical Module for engineers and developers, with a RED-T designation and more. | LEARN MORE

    Upon completion of the Business Module of this course, a student becomes eligible for a certificate and a Real Estate Data – Business designation, or RED-B. | REGISTER FOR THE RED-B MODULE



    RESO Committees and Workgroups

    Research & Development Workgroup | April 1, 2021
    The group received an update about ULI progress, discussed use cases surrounding the CMLS-led LEAP Policy and repurposed in the near term as a RESO Business Case called Defining Multiple Uses in a Single Data Payload. | VIEW CALL NOTES


    Workgroup Meetings This Week

    Monday, April 5: Transport
    Friday, April 9: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research & Development Workgroup)
    Friday, April 9: Board Liaison Committee