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This week, we highlight some media attention by way of podcast, the results of our recent Universal Property Indicator (UPI) Survey, and a continuation of our desire to get as many participants and sponsors on board for our RESO Remix spring conference taking place from Tuesday to Thursday, April 20–22, 2021. You just know we’re going to go all out in what we hope will be our final remote-only conference. Dum spiro spero. (“While I breathe, I hope.”)


Listing Bits Episode 66: How Standards Streamline PropTech

RESO CEO Sam DeBord recently spoke with Greg Robertson on one of his two popular industry blogs (the other being Industry Relations with Rob Hahn) about RESO’s role in the real estate industry, explaining how standards provide certainty for developers.

Sam shared the progress RESO has made in the last year, discussing what we have done to streamline certification while also supporting other important industry projects and responding to the recent spate of mergers and acquisitions within the real estate tech space. | LISTEN TO PODCAST

Universal Property Indicator (UPI) Survey Results

The UPI Workgroup embarked on a member survey to help them navigate where to go next with UPI and UPI Registry expansion. View and download the survey report here:


As a refresher, the UPI is a standard way to reference a property. The specification developed by RESO includes support for identifying properties internationally in a hierarchical manner starting with the country. Using the UPI, a property can be referenced in an unambiguous way, which is valuable for many use cases, including deduplication and globally unique references in different systems. The UPI works essentially by specifying a property’s “serial number” as a legally defined entity.

The next step for the UPI is developing a UPI Registry. This is an event-logging database that collects evidence of facts related to UPIs. For example, a company that sources data about property taxes or permits could produce a reference on the registry each time it registers a new fact about a UPI. This data producer wouldn’t put its full data in the registry, just a reference that it has facts about that UPI. As the number of data producers creating references to UPI facts grows, the confidence scores in the UPI Registry grow.

RESO Remix

Spring Conference Set for Tuesday–Thursday, April 20–22, 2021
At our virtual event, you can expect the same value and networking that you’ve come to expect at our onsite conferences (and our remote events last year).

We’ll have industry experts, engaging sessions, technical demos and some of our usual content remixed for a fresh take for a year when we’re all looking for just that.

The cost is only $199 for members and $299 for nonmembers! | REGISTER TODAY

Sponsor RESO Remix

Thank you to our RESO Remix sponsors! Interested in becoming a RESO Remix sponsor? Contact for more info. | VIEW SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES PACKET

RESO Committees and Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup Meeting | March 9, 2021
The group discussed what will be covered during the upcoming RESO Remix spring conference. An update on the current efforts to integrate transaction management (TM) into the Data Dictionary were shared, including the possibility of endorsements and future resources. The group voted to move suggested TM additions to the Data Dictionary Workgroup for further assessment. All attendees and industry members are encouraged to contact Catharine MacIntosh to join the industry map. | VIEW CALL NOTES

UPI Registry Subgroup Meeting | March 10, 2021
The group focused on three points: an updated UPI Resolver: Distributed Ledger Embodiment slide deck; strategies and goals; and material for the upcoming RESO conference. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Workgroup Meetings This Week

Wednesday, March 17: Internet Tracking
Thursday, March 18: Data Dictionary
Thursday, March 18: Certification (Subgroup of Transport)
Wednesday, March 19: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research & Development)