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Freezing from all this winter weather? Heat up with some hot topics from the wonderful world of RESO!

We have conference information and deadlines, MLS planning, a real estate almanac, and a new AI tool that would make Haley Joel Osment blush.

Have a great week. Spring is just around the corner!


New Member

RESO welcomes new member, Enzle Analytics, a real estate analytics company dedicated to providing up-to-date statistics on current and emerging trends while distilling many market indicators into a single proprietary index called the “Enzle Market Index.” 

RESO Remix: April 20-22, 2021

Call For Presentations!

Are you ready to get in the “mix” with us this spring? We’re looking for innovative and exhilarating speakers to join our RESO Remix agenda!

Do you have an idea that would be a good fit our upcoming spring conference? We want to hear from you. | Submit your request today!

And don’t forget to register. The cost is only $199 for members and $299 for non-members!

At this virtual event, you can expect the same value and networking that you’ve come to expect at our onsite conferences (and our remote events last year). We’ll have industry experts, engaging sessions, technical demos and more!

Don’t Forget to Register by February 28 to Have Your Goodies in Time for the Conference!

Do you love attending RESO events and receiving our sweet swag boxes? Of course you do! To select your #RESOremix conference t-shirt size and get your swag by the start of the event, you must register by February 28. So get after it! | REGISTER NOW!

Special Five-Part Series on MLS Planning

The brokerage cooperative that has served real estate for more than 100 years has never faced more pressure. The path forward is affirmative transparency. If you operate an MLS organization, or if you’re a REALTOR® who’s involved in oversight of your MLS, there’s never been a more complex time to make decisions about the MLS’s future.

The first four segments of the five-part series on MLS planning for 2021 analyzed current trends and methods for supporting participant and consumer access to MLS benefits. The fifth and final segment focuses on when and how we as an industry make decisions to implement mandatory policies for MLSs through the National Association of REALTORS®.

The series, written by RESO CEO Sam DeBord for REALTOR® Magazine, covers the questions that all MLSs should be discussing as the year unfolds.

T3 Sixty Releases Updated Real Estate Almanac

The Organized Real Estate 200 (ORE 200), the second section of the Real Estate Almanac, is released each February. The list includes membership and organization data for all of the U.S.’s MLSs and REALTOR® associations.

REALTOR® associations and MLSs are collectively referred to as organized real estate and serve as the infrastructure for the residential real estate brokerage industry. Associations, which exist at the national, state and local level, set industry professionalism, advocate for policies that support their members’ business and often run MLSs, which enable collaboration among competing brokers and agents to facilitate fast transactions.

The ORE 200 ranks all of the U.S.’s state REALTOR® associations, local REALTOR® associations and MLSs by their membership counts in three separate rankings.

RESO staff has worked with T3 Sixty on the almanac for the last two renditions, cross-pollinating improvements on both sides of the endeavor to accurately track the organizations that make up organized real estate. If you see anything that looks out of place, incorrectly named or otherwise, please never hesitate to contact Greg Sax at gsax at reso dot org, and he will investigate further.

Foyer Insight Incorporates AI and Unsupervised Machine Learning Into Multi-Classification Tool

Foyer, Inc., a startup PropTech development company, has introduced Foyer Insight, a computer vision Artificial Intelligence (AI) suite focused solely on the real estate industry. Using multi-label image classification and unsupervised learning, Foyer Insight gives real estate agents tools to be more responsive to client needs by enabling them to put a more verified image-first solution in front of home buyers.

Foyer is a member of RESO and Foyer Insight works within the Data Dictionary. The system is built on more than 400 million listing images, using proprietary unsupervised learning to analyze images for every listing in the country and combines the results with listing text and property data to uncover useful guidance for understanding and improving listing effectiveness. It also allows for fully customizable models based on individual real estate companies’ specifications. | READ MORE

RESO Committees and Workgroups 

Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup Meeting | February 9, 2021
The group discussed the documented fields in the Transaction Management “bucket” or container. They agreed that it was ready to present to the Data Dictionary Workgroup for review. Joan O’Dwyer from DocuSign presented issues related to Transaction Management at DocuSign. | VIEW CALL NOTES

UPI Registry Subgroup Meeting | February 10, 2021
The group discussed the hub-spoke design of the UPI Registry, as well as the public and private nature of the information maintained within the registry. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • Wednesday, February 17: Internet Tracking
  • Thursday, February 18: Broker Advisory
  • Thursday, February 18: Data Dictionary
  • Thursday, February 18 Certification (Subgroup of Transport)
  • Friday, February 19: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research and Development)