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We welcome one new member, promote the week’s big real estate event, share an article written by Sam DeBord for REALTOR® Magazine about MLS planning, share a blog post from Realtyna about using RESO standards to build a real estate social network and, as always, share the activities of a full slate of RESO workgroup and subgroup meetings from last week.


New Member

We would like to welcome About Time Tours, the makers of a mobile app to easily create, organize and optimize home tours, into the RESO fold. We look forward to seeing more of them in our virtual hallways! | Check out our complete RESO Members List here!


Inman Connect

Will 2021 bring a new level of competition to residential real estate? Hear from Brad Inman and more than 250 speakers during this week’s digital experience full of interactive sessions with top residential agents, brokers, executives, tech pros, entrepreneurs, and investors. Inman Connect is the venerable tech-forward event that brings together leaders from across the real estate industry twice per year. | VIEW DETAILS

RESO CEO Sam DeBord will be on hand and will be moderating a session on Wednesday, January 27, at 2:00 PM EST.

The Marketplace MLS Mandate

The brokerage cooperative that has served real estate for more than 100 years has never faced more pressure. The path forward is affirmative transparency. If you operate an MLS organization, or if you’re a REALTOR® who’s involved in oversight of your MLS, there’s never been a more complex time to make decisions about the MLS’s future.

In an article written by RESO CEO Sam DeBord, read about the questions that all MLSs should be discussing as the year unfolds in this first in a five-part series on MLS planning for 2021. | READ ARTICLE



RealtyFeed and RESO

How a New Real Estate Social Network Is Built On Cutting Edge Technology Standards

Realty takes a look at some of the technologies backing RealtyFeed, a real estate social network that wants to provide fun and intuitive tools for real estate agents to achieve lead generation. Agents log on, collaborate and level up while attempting to bring in new business. In RealtyFeed’s simple, gamified environment built on RESO standards, any agent is able to grow online and generate leads. | READ ARTICLE

RESO Committees and Workgroups

Caravan Subgroup | January 19, 2021
Meeting Summary: The Caravan Subgroup met and discussed the work in progress. The items colored in the working spreadsheet were discussed, but it is asked that participants review against their own organized tour (caravan) systems to see how things line up. | VIEW DISCUSSION ITEM | VIEW SPREADSHEET

Internet Tracking Workgroup Meeting | January 20, 2021
Meeting Summary: The workgroup attendees focused on reviewing the Summary Tab of the Tracking Fields 2.0.7 sheet. The focus was on helping facilitate the data flow for those who make requests using the Internet Tracking specification. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Data Dictionary Workgroup Meeting | January 21, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group reviewed the proposed Caravan and CaravanStops resources. All members were encouraged to provide feedback as soon as possible to Rob Larson. The Caravan Subgroup may incorporate the feedback into the resources and present it for a vote during the February 2021 Data Dictionary meeting. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Certification Subgroup | January 21, 2021
Meeting Summary: Clarifications were made regarding Web API Core testing rules to accommodate cases where Data Dictionary resources might not contain the fields necessary to run all of the Core tests on a given server, for instance Decimal tests on the Media resource (which doesn’t have any Decimal fields). The group then discussed the addition of the new Lookup resource to allow String lookups to be used rather than OData enumerations and voted 10/0 to send the proposal to the Transport Workgroup for final review and approval. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup | January 22, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group continued the exploration of centralized and decentralized services, with a brief survey of existing W3C standards that might be helpful should we adopt a decentralized approach. The remainder of the meeting centered on a discussion about re-engaging business stakeholders to determine a) the amount of identity data that might be shared (possibly encrypted) in the network, and b) the possibility of tackling the ULI issue at the point-of-entry (AMS) rather than downstream (MLS). | VIEW CALL NOTES

Workgroup Meetings This Week

  • Tuesday, January 26: Distributed Ledger
  • Wednesday, January 27: Universal Property Identifier (UPI)
  • Thursday, January 28: Payloads