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We hope everyone had a great MLK Day honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The best way to solve any problem is to remove its cause.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Have a safe, productive, and fruitful week!


New Member

We would like to welcome Roof AI into the RESO fold. We look forward to seeing more of you.

Global Insights Into Real Estate Listing Performance

New Internet Tracking Reports from RESO
When a real estate agent posts a listing for sale across the Internet’s vast range of MLS, agent and consumer-direct tools, how do we measure the performance of that listing online? Agents want to be able to inform their consumers about their overall listing exposure to potential buyers and compare the effectiveness of their advertising platforms.

RESO’s new Internet Tracking Summary Fields provides that opportunity. By displaying the engagement statistics about a listing’s performance on each Internet outlet that the listing is advertised on, agents and consumers can have candid conversations about where their listing promotion is most effective in reaching buyers. | READ MORE

2021 Swanepoel Power 200

Real Estate Almanac – Top Executives for 2021
Released annually in January, the first section of the T3 Sixty Real Estate Almanac, Executives/Leaders (SP 200), ranks the most powerful and influential executives in the residential real estate industry.

Congratulations are in order to all who were recognized on the T3 Sixty 2021 Swanepoel Power 200 for their leadership, including several RESO Board of Directors members – including Rebecca Jensen, Michael Wurzer, Art Carter, Chris Carillo, Brian Donnellan and our own CEO, Sam DeBord. We’re proud to be working together to achieve great things in the real estate industry! | READ MORE

RESO UPI Survey Now Closed, Report Coming Soon

We received more than 150 responses, which will give the RESO Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup plenty to chew on for planning the year ahead. We will announce the winner of the Bluetooth speaker before the report is produced and shared. Sadly, the one we’ve been picturing in these weekly updates is no longer available, but we found a suitable replacement.

RESO Committees and Workgroup

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.jn

Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup Meeting | January 12, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group discussed the Transaction Management Collection Worksheet, including the addition of new values based on use cases. That discussion was followed up with a review of the ongoing work being done on a real estate Industry Map, including an example of how an individual might be placed on that map. | VIEW CALL NOTES

UPI Registry Subgroup | January 13, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group went over preliminary survey results of the UPI survey that went out to members in December 2020. The survey closes on January 15, 2021, and more than 150 people have responded. This conversation was followed by a discussion on what the group hopes to accomplish in the year ahead. A number of ideas were shared and will be refined in the next UPI Workgroup meeting. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Workgroup Meetings This Week

Wednesday, January 20: Internet Tracking
Thursday, January 21: Data Dictionary
Thursday, January 21: Certification (Subgroup of Transport)
Friday, January 22: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) (Subgroup of Research and Development)