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RESO is rolling into 2021 on a skateboard with our jug of cranberry juice. We’ve had our first few workgroup meetings of the year, the new Confluence Cloud system is holding up nicely after a major overhaul and, as of this writing, 148 of you have filled out our UPI survey. Daylight hours are increasing by about two minutes per day, and that is proving to be a welcome source of motivation as we roll up our sleeves and dig into a full slate of objectives for the year ahead! 


Confluence Cloud

By now, we hope that you’ve taken the time to assure that you are good to go in RESO’s new Confluence membership collaboration system. | VISIT THE NEW SITE

The transition has been fairly smooth on our end. Members will need to log in like it’s a new site, but all past settings outside of your password should be the same, including your chosen workgroups.

Getting re-established is slightly awkward. Members will have to select “Can’t log in?” and follow the prompts to establish a fresh password.

IMPORTANT: We are only carrying over members that have logged in since July 1, 2019. All other existing members on the old system are dormant within the new system, but access can be granted upon request through Confluence or by contacting RESO. If you are not able to establish a presence with the email you have on file with RESO, we can help. Contact

Some of you are listed in the new site by an odd name or the name of your organization. You may receive a request from us to use your first and last name for your profile. This helps us find you faster for workgroup attendance and discussions.

RESO UPI Survey Open Until End of Week!

Have you taken the RESO Universal Property Identifier (UPI) and UPI Registry survey yet?

Help our UPI Workgroup gain insightful information and get entered to win a sleek new Bluetooth speaker – it’s a win, win! But don’t wait – take the survey before the deadline (Friday, January 15)!

Thank you in advance for your help! | TAKE THE SURVEY

Refresher: Developed by RESO, the UPI is a standard way to reference a property. The specification includes support for identifying properties internationally in a hierarchical manner starting with the country. Using the UPI, we can reference a property in an unambiguous way, which is valuable for many use cases, including deduplication and globally unique references in different systems. Essentially, the UPI works by specifying a property’s “serial number” as a legally defined entity.

RESO Committees & Workgroups

Note: Most links to workgroup information require member login to RESO’s online collaboration environment, Confluence.

Research & Development Workgroup Meeting | January 7, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group started the first meeting of the year with personal introductions by members, a review of the workgroup’s charter, a discussion about the latest happenings of the ULI Subgroup and other open discussion of future topics with the hopes of beginning the process of vetting new items for research and development. | VIEW CALL NOTES

Certification Subgroup | January 7, 2021
Meeting Summary: The RESO Chief Architect provided an update on certification tool development and projects before the group launched into discussions on Data Type Mappings (RCP-031) and Lookup Resource (RCP-032). Web API and Data Dictionary testing tool code has been merged, a collection of organizations are inching their way closer to certification and a set of detailed reports will soon be available in the RESO Certification Map. RCP-031 was approved, while debate continues on RCP-032. | CALL NOTES COMING SOON

Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup | January 8, 2021
Meeting Summary: The group started the first meeting of the year with personal introductions by members and a review of the subgroup’s current status. The ULI topics are becoming more technical as “next steps” focused more on proof of concepts and implementation strategies. | VIEW CALL NOTES