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Video interview with Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer, Showcase IDX

Showcase IDX is used to power more than six million consumer searches on agent and broker websites annually. According to their website, agents using Showcase IDX also saw 83 percent more traffic from Google, and the company has maintained a top-ranking status as one of the best IDX WordPress plugins for real estate.

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As an involved RESO member and dedicated data standards advocate, Showcase IDX is helping to drive nationwide adoption of the RESO Web API.

In a video interview, Kurt Uhlir, Chief Marketing Officer at Showcase IDX, dove into a discussion about the tangible value of the RESO Web API for technology firms. Uhlir has tapped into his wealth of experience from other industries – including automotive, private equity, Internet of Things and more – in his quest to help Showcase IDX accelerate growth, secure new partnerships and drive innovation.

Showcase IDX has rolled out the RESO Web API in multiple markets. Uhlir explained moving from RETS to the RESO Web API delivers several advantages for MLSs, but also for Showcase IDX.

“As we are continuing to grow, it’s a lot easier to bring in people that are software engineers that are familiar with Web API from outside of the industry,” Uhlir said, “And then we can bring a real estate expertise, as opposed to having to only hire from engineers that are really familiar with RETS.”

Uhlir said that moving MLSs from RETS to the RESO Web API takes some hand holding, but that it’s worth it. “We’re moving to a place where it is going to be significantly better for the industry,” said Uhlir. “Not just for us as a company but for others as they come in as well to be able to get access to data in a much more timely fashion.”

He added that the Web API helps enforce the importance and value of the RESO Data Dictionary as well.

For a well-established tech firm like Showcase IDX, the RESO Web API means the company can move faster to bring on new MLSs, increasing its ability to grow. “The ability for us to be able to provide out data – we use Web API for replication – is significantly better as the end result for our brokers and agents than we were seeing with RETS,” noted Uhlir.

In addition to helping them onboard clients faster, Uhlir said that another benefit that Showcase IDX has discovered through its journey from RETS to RESO Web API is that it has deepened their relationships with some MLSs.

Uhlir’s advice to other firms is to not wait but to jump in with the RESO Web API now. He noted that the RESO community is ready and willing to support you.

“MLSs are shifting to it, even if they are currently maintaining two feeds,” said Uhlir. “They’re going to have less technical debt going forward, so it saves them time now, and it will save them even more money going forward.”

Uhlir understands how CTOs often get slowed down in their efforts to implement new technologies as CEOs focus on the business impact of tech decisions.

Said Uhlir, “The sooner that they move to Web API, the sooner that they’re going to be involved themselves in discussions about how that data can be used – and that’s good for the whole company growing.”

View the full 4:17 video along with interviews, presentations, and more on our YouTube channel.