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Greg Sax and David G. Sax, Director of Growth Management, RESO

Welcome to “Three Questions,” an interview series that introduces you to real estate industry professionals, their businesses and how they interact with real estate standards with a goal of humanizing the tech side of the industry, fun included.

This week, we sat with David Gumpper, President of Business Intelligence & Technology at WAV Group, Founder/CEO of Gumpper Group and former RESO Broker Advisory Workgroup chair. We discussed Web 3, being a “Florida man” and America’s new Titletown. Enjoy!

Q1: What have you been working on in real estate technology that excites you right now?

David: Definitely more of a deep dive into Web 3. I like the fact that it’s a new opportunity that may have a greater impact on affecting people’s lives in a positive way.

With Web 3 technologies, we’re going to be able to streamline a lot of the challenges and heartaches that consumers have – from buying cars to houses to clothes.

I know technology has accomplished a lot of that sort of thing over the last decade and a half – Amazon and others – but let’s tackle the harder aspects of digital purchases, like streamlining the selling and buying of property.

My thoughts are that there may be a way for Web 3 to provide new opportunities for homeownership and will allow us to move forward from where we are today. With Web 3 technologies, my hope is that it will enable more people to achieve homeownership and provide a pathway for them to create generational wealth.

The other piece I’ve been working on is business intelligence (BI) marketing and analytics – not just marketing with consumers, but deep insights and understandings of people’s behavior. I’m specifically working with a brokerage on researching consumer data platforms (CDP) like BlueVenn, Lytx, Adobe, Salesforce and more. There are a lot of opportunities to improve consumer experiences in real estate.

Q2: You are a Floridian, a state with a lot of REALTORS® and a variety of housing options from the panhandle to Miami Beach. Much like the Bay Area or New York City, it feels like a world unto itself to the outsider. Do you have a unique perspective about how real estate works in Florida vs. other states in terms of price, type, nature, etc.?

David: If you talk about the “Melting Pot” of the nation, Florida is that for the United States. When driving in Florida, it doesn’t take long to see license plates from every state and Canada. As a destination state, there is an influx of different influences and cultures being represented – and they are not just visiting, they are moving here.

There is a lot of money in places like Sarasota, Naples, St. Petersburg, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa Bay. The reason why is because that money is coming from all over the country and the world. As such, real estate in certain parts of Florida have become more expensive than most other places. It wasn’t always like that. Also, the cost of living continues to increase. 

There are still a significant number of people who have a second home here, but they do leave when the humidity returns! The weather and variety of people just makes this place lovely. I love it in Florida and am proud of making it our primary residence.

On a practical note, there is also no state income tax, which is making it very attractive for people to call Florida home.

Q3: Against all odds, Tampa Bay recently became a sort of sports Titletown befitting places like Boston and Los Angeles. I am a long-suffering Minnesota sports fan who remembers when the Buccaneers were the laughingstock of the NFL, when my Twins almost moved to St. Petersburg and when the Lightning were not even in the NHL. From one sports fan to another, what does it feel like to win?

David: Before moving to Florida 20 years ago, I came from northwest New Jersey and was rooted in supporting the Giants, Knicks, Mets and Rangers. So I know about winning! Joking! 

One day, when my kids were young, my wife and I went to Boston for the weekend, and we left my kids with my brother, a Yankees fan. When we returned, the kids were and still are Yankees fans.

I have remained a Mets, Giants and Rangers fan, and we have been fighting ever since.

It has been great to have Tampa Bay sports success over the last ten years. As such, I have become a fan of the Rays, Lighting and Rowdies. Yes, I did leave out the Bucs, but only because I am a passive fan depending on who they are playing. LOL!

RESO: The greatness of Boston sports franchises can play wicked games with fans of other teams.

Yes, indeed. All that said, moving down here 20 years ago, I’ve been a die-hard Rays fan, and we’ve been pretty close to winning it all. I have become an avid Lightning fan as well. I don’t miss a game – whether on TV or in person.

Well, maybe I miss a handful of games each season – usually because of RESO conferences! Even at the NAR conference in San Diego, we found a place to watch the Lighting play. So I do vigorously support the teams in the Tampa Bay area! I even cheer on the Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins and Jacksonville Jaguars.

It’s all been great for the area – the Super Bowl victories, the Stanley Cup wins, the World Series appearances. But because the area is such a melting pot of the country, fans continue to root for their old home team and pack the arenas and stadiums. It can be disheartening to hear more cheers for the Bruins than the Lighting at a home game, but I think that is also what makes the area very unique and special.

The owners of the local professional teams have truly come together to elevate their sports and serve the Tampa Bay community. As someone who is a firm believer in team spirit, I am very appreciative that they’ve put so much effort into youth sports and encouraged everyone to work toward one shared goal – just like we strive for here at RESO. Team sports are an integral part of society. By coming together with a common purpose, we can make any dream possible!

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