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by G. Sax, Director of Growth Management, RESO

Welcome to “Three Questions,” an interview series that humanizes the tech side of the real estate industry, fun included.

This week’s interview is with Andrew Coca, Chairman & President of Showingly, one of several newer entrants into the space of online management of real estate showings.

Q1: The showing space has gotten busy this year, but you launched during COVID. What did you see then vs. what you see now?

Andrew: Showing management was our foundation. We started working with agents, brokerages and MLSs to build the best product we could, though it was difficult to make much progress with how established ShowingTime was with their deep industry relationships. 

For this reason, the market told us to differentiate ourselves and so we built a CRM, a client tool and other ancillary products for agents, brokerages and MLSs in an effort to provide more value than just showings.

When Zillow bought ShowingTime, everyone shifted their line of questioning to how we could be more of a niche player that directly competed in the showing space. This has led us this year to revamp our offerings and go incredibly deep on showing management.

So we’ve come full circle to become a legitimate player, and I’m excited to soon introduce a sweeping revamp of mobile and web updates that I’ve been calling Showingly 2.0 to MLSs, brokers and agents.

Q2: In October 2021, Showingly won a showing solutions hack-a-thon sponsored by some of the biggest names in the MLS space, including MRED, Bright MLS and CRMLS. What was that like? 

Andrew: When they announced it, I was so excited for the opportunity for my team to showcase their skills. With how hard they work coupled with our modern infrastructure, I knew we could win.

I was excited to let my team prove that they are the incredibly gifted individuals I’ve been telling them they are. They put their hearts into it, and I was very proud. It was incredibly personal for me, because this team has been with me a couple of years now, and to have this outlet for them was powerful.

Q3: Does t-shirt marketing work?

Andrew: I hope so.

Photo courtesy of Nina Dosanjh. Click to view original.