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Certification Update

RESO Certification is well underway for Data Dictionary 1.7 and Web API Core 2.0.0 endorsements. Congratulations to the following additions to RESO Analytics:

August 2022 Certification - Data Dictionary 1.7 and Web API Core 2.0.0 endorsements

A majority of MLSs around the country have passed technical testing and await final report results from their MLS software vendors which they can then approve in order to be fully certified. Certified organizations can be seen in RESO Analytics.

You can see the status of all MLSs on the RESO Certification Map. To attain Certified Current status, MLSs must accept their certification reports from their vendors this month. If you have any questions about your RESO certification, contact your MLS vendor. If you have questions about self-testing or the technical aspects of certification, contact

It’s Time for the Next RESO Conference!

RESO 2022 Fall Conference artwork2022 RESO Fall Conference: October 25–27

Registration is open for onsite and livestream attendance. | REGISTER FOR ONSITE | REGISTER FOR LIVESTREAM

Pricing continues to be the best in the industry for so much educational and technical real estate content (plus the food, swag and fun!).

Conference attendance is an extra ask away from your usual task list, so our agenda is built to assure that the event provides opportunities to help your career, your organization and your industry while we solve today’s key issues in REtech together.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, there will be plenty of enjoyment as well!

Agenda Overview
Monday, October 24 | Evening Welcome Reception
Tuesday–Wednesday, October 25–26 | Sessions, Workgroup Meetings, Roundtable Event and Receptions
Thursday, October 27 | Workgroup Meetings and Pain Points

Sponsorship Opportunities Now Open!
If you are interested in being a sponsor, contact

Call for RESO Conference Speakers
If you have a great story about how technology standards are creating real estate business solutions, the industry needs to hear about it! Both technical and business presentations are welcome for our tech-forward audience. Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2022. | SUBMIT YOUR SPEAKER REQUEST

If you have deep industry knowledge of data standards and the real estate industry, we are also looking for moderators who are skilled at facilitating engaging discussion and audience questions. Please contact

See you this fall!

RESO Summer Camp: A Win for RE Education 

RESO Summer Camp 2022

More than 75 of you showed up at our Data Dictionary Orientation on July 13 for an overview of the Data Dictionary and a chance for Q&A outside of a workgroup meeting. Based on your feedback, we are planning more events like this, including a Data Dictionary 101 course.

RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data (WWRED) course has also seen a bump this summer with 26 of you signing up and 28 completing the course.

Stay tuned for more educational opportunities from RESO, and contact if you have any further questions.

Introducing RESO’s New Membership Manager

Brian Ohnesorgen, RESO Membership Manager

We’re excited to announce the hiring of our new Membership Manager, Brian Ohnesorgen. Brian joins us after nearly nine years at MLS of Southern Arizona in Tucson, where he served as the Director of MLS Technology. He has a wealth of experience in member services and a great passion for RESO. He has even completed his RED-B designation!

We are glad to have him aboard. Please join us in welcoming Brian to Team RESO!

New Members

August 2022 RESO New Member logos

Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association
The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Association (SRA) is a professional association representing more than 1,550 REALTORS® in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Their members are real estate professionals that SRA provides tools and services to, including market information, professional development sessions, networking opportunities and marketing products to further their professional success and to positively impact policy development and growth in Saskatchewan.

Fiber Homes
Until the whole world has access to high-speed Internet, people need a way to find connected places. Fiber Homes develops platforms to help people find homes and communities with reliable fiber Internet.

We’re glad to welcome both of them to the RESO fold!

On the RESO Blog

Real Estate Data’s Next Chapter: RESO Analytics
RESO Analytics brings transparency to real estate information. This new reporting platform provides insights into industrywide data trends and tools.

RESO Analytics logoReal estate data is the foundation for brokers and agents to provide guidance to their clients, and RESO Analytics shows them the state of their marketplaces at an unprecedented level of detail through standardized data reports. | READ MORE

Joint Showing Roadmap IG

“Showing HUB Born from Collaboration of Three Large MLSs” – RESO blog graphic

Showing HUB Born from Collaboration of Three Large MLSs
MRED, Bright MLS and CRMLS created a joint showing service “HUB” based on new RESO Data Dictionary standards related to showings.

At the RESO 2022 Spring Conference, Chris Haran, RESO Cross-Platform Interoperability Workgroup Chair and CTO at MRED; Mark Bessett, RESO Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup Chair and CTO at CRMLS; and Ken Schneider, VP, Strategic Initiatives at Bright MLS shared details about how the collaboration began, who worked on the project, how it evolved and what has resulted from it so far. | WATCH THE VIDEO (32 minutes)  | READ MORE 


RESO is often written about or invited to participate in industry events, and we highlight our involvement here.

Inman Connect Las Vegas, August 3–5, 2022 event logoInman Connect Las Vegas, August 3–5
On August 4, RESO CEO Sam DeBord will be joined by RESO board member, Certification Analytics Subgroup chair and the Director of Data Operations & Strategy at RE/MAX, Dan Troup, in a session called Big Data at the Source: A Meta Analysis From a Broker’s Perspective. Dan will give Sam a brokerage perspective on the new MLS insights that are available to shape the industry’s vision for what needs to be achieved next.

Industry News

cell phone with showing "NEWS" graphicDeadline Approaching for NAR Policy Statement 8.6: One Data Source
MLSs must offer a Participant a single data feed in accordance with a Participant’s licensed authorized uses.

At the request of a Participant, MLSs must provide the single data feed for that Participant’s licensed uses to that Participant’s designee. The designee may use the single data feed only to facilitate that Participant’s licensed uses on behalf of that Participant.

This NAR MLS policy change went into effect January 1, 2022, but the deadline to meet the policy was extended to September 1, 2022. | INFO FROM NAR | INFO FROM CMLS

RESO members, Bright MLS and California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS), the two largest MLSs in the U.S., announced the launch of REdistribute, a joint venture that changes how MLS data is collected and distributed on behalf of the real estate industry for institutional use.

REdistribute will aggregate and distribute data on behalf of participating MLS organizations and brokerages, providing MLS data directly from the source to institutions involved with the housing industry, such as mortgage lenders, government sponsored entities and others creating property valuations and insights.

According to a news release, the venture puts brokers back in control of their data rights and data usage. Additionally, the revenue generated by REdistribute will be shared back with the brokers and MLS organizations who participate for the data they provide. | READ MORE

Three Questions

RESO Three Questions with G. Sax logoAfter a brief summer hiatus, Three Questions is back! The interview series introduces you to real estate professionals with a touch of personality and sometimes humor. | VISIT THREE QUESTIONS

Here’s who has been interviewed since the last RESO Monthly:

Workgroup Meeting Spotlight – Metadata and Implementations

Metadata and Implementations Workgroup Meeting Spotlight graphicThere is data and there is metadata, which is data that provides information about other data, but not the content of said data. It is not, for instance, the photo you took, but rather the details behind that photo, such as the GPS coordinates, the original image size and the device used to take the photo.

For the words and terms of the RESO Data Dictionary, metadata is the machine language used behind the scenes, and we frequently run working subgroups for the collection of metadata to determine agreed-upon terminology for use in the Data Dictionary.

Three such examples of groups that have formed to collect metadata are the Showing Subgroup, Rental Subgroup and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup.

New fields, resources and lookups have been approved from the efforts of the Showing Subgroup, and the other two groups are actively forging ahead on exciting new additions to the Data Dictionary.

The New Construction Subgroup is up next for metadata collection, soon to be followed by the Building Subgroup. The Interoperability Workgroup is currently collecting metadata for a potential Offer Management Resource.

The Days in MLS (DIM) Subgroup and R&D Workgroup are seeking members who are using DIM in your MLS; we want to hear from you.

Beyond the collection of metadata, RESO is also seeking member submissions of implementations of current and proposed standards.

Similarly, we want to know if you have or will be implementing the Universal Property Identifier (UPI) standard within MLS systems.

Once we know that the standard is in wider use, we can begin to build certification testing rules around it, making it a more trusted standard in the industry, which, in turn, will increase its usage.

Please send any and all metadata or implementation inquiries to, and we will work with you on getting your information where it needs to be.

RESO Workgroup Meetings

Board Liaison Committee | July 1, 2022
This meeting is held once per month in order to give workgroup chairs an opportunity to converse about their top agenda items, request help from each other and provide summary reports to the RESO Board of Directors. The reports of each chair are collected and shared as part of the meeting’s official call notes. | REPORTS

Transport Workgroup | July 11, 2022
The group continued reviewing the updated change proposal process, then focused on Rate Limiting. The group also covered the Web API 2.1.0 and Payloads 2.0 specifications and the Web API Add/Edit proposal. | Transport Workgroup CALL NOTES

Internet Tracking Workgroup | July 20, 2022
The group reviewed the Tracking Fields 2.0.9 Worksheet and some of the new items to be included in an upcoming recommendation to the Data Dictionary, including a separate resource containing the summary model elements. Additionally, the group discussed standards creation methods and some possible new lookup options for the EventType and ObjectType fields. | Internet Tracking Workgroup CALL NOTES

Certification Subgroup | July 21, 2022
The group reviewed testing rules for the Web API Core 2.1.0 and Payloads 2.0 endorsements and discussed the DRAFT specifications for the Lookup Resource as well as Data Dictionary 2.0 so they may be sent to the Transport Workgroup for final review and approval. The testing rules for the Add/Edit endorsement, currently awaiting implementations, were also covered. | Certification Subgroup CALL NOTES

Appraisal Subgroup | July 25, 2022
The inaugural meeting of the Appraisal Subgroup included participant introductions and stating the goals of creating appraisal-centric standards to connect appraisal and adjacent systems. This discussion identified organizations, subject matter experts and documentation resources that will help the group move forward with more specific points of interest. | Appraisal Subgroup CALL NOTES

Distributed Ledger Workgroup | July 26, 2022
The meeting included a presentation on using a distributed ledger for listing data by Michael Fry of HiCentral MLS. The group also touched on some of the characteristics of Web3, Smart Contracts and how they could be used in the Web3 environment. To conclude, the group was informed that no further action on the ULI in a Blockchain business case is needed from this workgroup at this time. | Distributed Ledger Workgroup CALL NOTES

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup | July 26, 2022
The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup included a presentation of the workgroup’s goals along with the CRE mapping worksheet containing CRE metadata from volunteer organizations. The group discussed the process of analyzing submitted metadata and the importance of having experts on that data present at each meeting. Several additional organizations volunteered to submit their schemas, and these will be aligned and shared prior to the next meeting, date to be determined. | Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup CALL NOTES

Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

If you want to participate in any of the following workgroups or subgroups and don’t already see that you are a member of the group(s) in your Confluence member profile, please write RESO also uses Google Calendar for invitations, and most of these are recurring meetings. 

  • Monday, August 1: Transport Workgroup
  • Thursday, August 4: Research & Development Workgroup
  • Friday, August 5: Unique Licensee Identifier (ULI) Subgroup
  • Friday, August 5: Board Liaison Committee
  • Tuesday, August 9: Interoperability Workgroup
  • Wednesday, August 17: Internet Tracking Workgroup
  • Wednesday, August 18: Data Dictionary Workgroup
  • Wednesday, August 18: Certification Subgroup
  • Monday, August 22: Appraisal Subgroup (Tentative)
  • Tuesday, August 23: Distributed Ledger Workgroup
  • Wednesday, August 24: UPI Workgroup
  • Thursday, August 25: Broker Advisory Workgroup
  • Tuesday, August 30: New Construction Subgroup (Tentative)
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