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This Month

  • We present our full list of MLSs.
  • The RESO 2024 Fall Conference is open for registration.
  • There were 40+ updates to the RESO Web API Leaderboard.
  • Brokers ask for more data access and add/edit capabilities.
  • Enterprise-wide wwRED licenses are now available.

List of All MLSs

    RESO tracks individual MLS systems for certification purposes and as a service to the real estate industry via its Unique Organization Identifier (UOI) service. The UOI is an up-to-date ID system that tracks active and inactive MLSs along with REALTOR® associations, technology vendors, pooled platforms and more. As an added convenience, RESO offers a separate list of MLSs, decoupled from the rest of the UOI and certification details.


    RESO Summer Camp

    RES OSummer Camp - 3rd Annual - July 16–17, 2024Registration is now open for RESO Summer Camp! As with our last two annual summer events, there will be two educational sessions for RESO newcomers and those who wish to brush up on some of their real estate survival skills.

    The first session will walk you through the basics of RESO’s Working with Real Estate Data (wwRED) course, how to earn the Business Module designation (RED-B), and how to set up your organization for continued learning and onboarding new staff and volunteer leaders through RESO.

    The second session will serve as a primer for understanding the purpose of the Data Dictionary, how it works, how to use its wiki and how to contribute to it through RESO workgroups and subgroups.

    White Block E1654543656590

    RESO wwRED Overview Summer Camp Session Tuesday, July 16, 2024, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT | REGISTER 

    RESO Data Dictionary Summer Camp Session Wednesday, July 17, 2024, at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT | REGISTER

    Product Updates

    RESO Product UpdatesData Dictionary 2.0
    The RESO Data Dictionary 2.0 standard represents a large improvement in standardization, particularly in lookups (aka enumerations) and data quality. Users of RESO-certified systems can expect increased predictability and consistency, as all payload data elements will be correctly advertised in their metadata, and all payload data will match what is advertised. | VIEW RELEASE GUIDE

    All current Data Dictionary 1.7 certifications will be downgraded to “Certified Legacy” on April 15, 2025. MLSs and other data providers should upgrade their certifications to Data Dictionary 2.0 prior to that date.


    2024 RESO Fall Conference: Frisco, Texas, Takes a Starring Turn

    Omni Frisco at the Star

    Registration is open for the 2024 RESO Fall Conference, which will be held October 22–24 at Omni Frisco at the Star.

    Hotel arrangements will be provided in the registration confirmation. Per usual, we expect our hotel block to sell out, so try not to wait until the last minute. You won’t want to miss this!


    RESO Web API Leaderboard Update

    RESO Web API Transition Report - June 2024

    RESO tracks the migration to the improved Web API standard. | VIEW LEADERBOARD

    More than 92% of U.S.-based MLSs have RESO-certified Web API services.

    Vendors, brokers and agents have increased their usage of MLS Web API data feeds from less than 5% of the industry in 2021 to 50% in 2024, with nearly 70% of all U.S. MLS data feeds committed to a full conversion from RETS to Web API.

    If your organization is not listed or you are unsure how to report your figure, please contact Greg Sax at to be included. If you have even one vendor using Web API, or if you anticipate that you will convert to Web API one day, we still want to hear from you!

    New Members

    Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association - Together we build a NationGhana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA)
    GREPA brings Ghanaian real estate industry professionals together to promote the goals of its members, promote professional standards and ethics within the industry, and provide local and international networking.

    Welcome to RESO!

    Intentionally International

    2nd International MLS ForumInternational MLS Forum
    Following the resounding success of the inaugural event in Paris, this year’s forum in Milan, Italy, will be held October 7–8, 2024, promising to be even more enlightening for real estate professionals from around the globe.

    You can now register, book your hotel, sponsor and nominate a speaker for the event. | LEARN MORE

    On the RESO Blog

    Brokers Want Access to Better Data, Less Duplication

    Left to right: Jeff Bosch, Nina Dosanjh, Anna-Marie Ellison and John Perry.

    Brokers Want Access to Better Data, Less Duplication
    RESO Common Format (RCF) offers certification for brokers, allowing RESO-compliant data transfer outside of the MLS. See how brokers want to use this breakthrough for better access to hi-res images, less data entry and easier agent tech.

    wwRED and Zillow GroupRESO now offers annualized enterprise-wide unlimited licenses for the Working with Real Estate Data (wwRED) course that is ideal for organizations that expect to onboard their entire staff, committees or board members with the course.

    We’re excited to share that and Zillow Group have both taken advantage of this spectacular deal. Contact for more information. 

    The wwRED course brings real estate industry newcomers and veterans alike together on a journey of data flow through organized real estate. | LEARN MORE

    Three Questions

    Three Questions with G. sax featuring: Chuck Wootten of MLS Technology, Melissa King of OneKey MLS and Shaun York of

    The Three Questions interview series introduces you to real estate professionals with a hint of personality and humor. | VISIT THREE QUESTIONS

    Recent Entries:

    RESO Workgroup Meetings

    Fast Track Subgroup | April 23 and May 21, 2024
    The group voted to allow “Primary” to be used in place of “Master” during certification testing. They also approved the mapping suggestions for the ExteriorFeatures and InteriorFeatures fields, recommended that the Data Dictionary Workgroup review the SpaFeatures field and its lookups, recommended a CeilingHeight measurement field for the PropertyRooms Resource, determined that all generic terms describing accessibility features should be grouped together, and discussed several Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) lookups ahead of an upcoming ADU Subgroup. | APRIL 23 | MAY 21

    Building Subgroup | April 30, 2024
    The Building Fields Proposal has been moved to the Data Dictionary Workgroup for final approval. | NOTES

    Waterfront Data Elements Subgroup | April 30 and May 28, 2024
    In the April 30 meeting, water-related fields, lookups and definitions were discussed, including a proposal to reorganize water-related data elements in the Data Dictionary with the goal of eliminating duplication and communicating more clearly. In the May 28 meeting, the group reviewed two waterfront proposals and would like to choose a specific direction at the next meeting. At this point, Proposal 1 has the most interest. | APRIL 30 | MAY 28

    Interoperability Workgroup | May 14, 2024
    The group approved an Association Management System (AMS) payload for Data Dictionary Workgroup review and discussed AMS user stories for the RESO Best Practices Guide. | NOTES

    Internet Tracking Workgroup | May 15, 2024
    The group reviewed the Tracking Fields Spreadsheet and the workgroup’s place in the RESO architecture. It was suggested that RESO consider creating standards for self-reported tracking data, and a business case will be written and presented for review. | NOTES

    Data Dictionary Workgroup | May 16, 2024
    The group discussed the use of “Master” and alternate terminology, such as “Primary,” in both the Data Dictionary and in the real estate industry at large. More discussion will take place, pending more detailed usage metrics. A Water Heater Field Proposal was approved with one change to leave Water Heater under Appliances, and the name of the FrontageLength String field will be changed to FrontageLengthRemarks. A new Number-type FrontageLength field and a FrontageLengthUnits field will be created to contain measurement units. | NOTES

    Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Subgroup | May 17, 2024
    The group walked through the lookups of a CRE mapping spreadsheet and expects to produce a new CRE PropertyType/Class and new fields/lookups for Data Dictionary 2.1. | NOTES

    Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup | May 22, 2024
    A URN-based UPI 2.0 was approved at the UPI Workgroup meeting held during the RESO 2024 Spring Conference. The group discussed its details and next steps before releasing it. Four new Data Dictionary fields, user guides, support for international usage and U.S. county-specific details were identified as immediate needs. | NOTES

    Rental Subgroup | May 23, 2024
    The group expects to send a completed recommendation to the main Data Dictionary Workgroup by July 1. | NOTES

    Upcoming RESO Workgroup Meetings

    If you want to participate in any of the following recurring workgroup or subgroup meetings, it’s never been easier to do so. | JOIN A RESO WORKGROUP

    • Thursday, June 6: Research & Development Workgroup
    • Tuesday, June 11: Interoperability Workgroup
    • Tuesday, June 18: Fast Track Subgroup
    • Thursday, June 20: Data Dictionary Workgroup
    • Thursday, June 20: Certification Subgroup
    • Tuesday, June 25: Waterfront Data Elements Subgroup
    • Wednesday, June 26: Universal Property Identifier (UPI) Workgroup
    • Thursday, June 26: Broker Advisory Workgroup
    • Monday, July 1: Transport Workgroup
    • Thursday, July 11: Research & Development Workgroup


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